Canucks Blame Game – Vancouver falls 2-1 to Dallas

One goal does not a win make

A goaltender interference call has seemed to distract Vancouver Canucks fans from the real problem – Vancouver can’t score.

And they proved it last night, only managing to score one (official) goal in a 2-1 loss to the Dallas Stars on Sunday.

Sure, it was a brutal call but good teams find ways to win and I’m not so sure the Canucks can be considered a good team at this stage of the game. They managed to make an opposing goalie look like Patrick Roy circa ’93 again but it’s really the lack of depth that is killing the Canucks.

The Sedins and Kesler have dried up and there is literally no one there to pick up the slack.

Other teams have third liners or young players eager to step up but for the Canucks it’s looking pretty grim. It’s not like a guy like Jeremy Welsh even got a chance… what with his grand total of 18 seconds of action against the Stars. Does Welsh even bother to have a shower after the game?

But it goes beyond the third and fourth liners – now the second line isn’t showing up. The Canucks are averaging two goals a game this month and eight goals in the last five games – you just can’t win many games with that kind of production.

Here are a few guys the Canucks need production from, both against the Stars and this month in general:

Alex Burrows

I know he’s had a million chances but it’s time to put something on the board. Alex Burrows has no goals in 10 games and a guy making $4.5 million needs to find a way to put the puck in the net. He’s trying out there but the guy seems to have completely lost his scoring touch. I’d like to see Burrows get a little more power play time to get something going, it could finally spark him.

Booth had a completely clean sheet against the Stars

Booth had a completely clean sheet against the Stars

David Booth

Speaking of guys making over $4 million and not doing much… it’s everyone’s favourite killing machine. David Booth had a completely clean sheet against the Stars – all zeroes. No shots, hits, blocked shots, points, giveaways or takeaways.

It begs the question – what on earth does this guy do out there?

I honestly don’t think the commentators mentioned his name once during on ice action. He’s been a disaster all season and last night was indicative of how useless he’s been out there.

Zack Kassian

Zack Kassian has four shots his last four games and seriously looks lost out there. The sad thing is I don’t think anyone knows what this guy is yet. Is he a power forward, a goon or slow? It’s really hard to tell sometimes.

In all honestly, I’d like to see Tortorella give Kassian a chance with the Sedins just to see what he’s got. It wouldn’t hurt at this point and it’s really time to mix things up for the forwards.

Chris Higgins

Much like Burrows, Chris Higgins is working out there but he’s just not producing. He’s scored twice in the last nine games and for the amount of ice time he’s getting that’s just not good enough. He had six shots against the Stars and was semi-noticeable but I think Roberto Luongo has a better shooting percentage than him at this point.

He’s another guy who could use a little more power play time to try to get something going. If the top players aren’t going, a team needs to know someone else can contribute and right now it feels like the Canucks have no hope if the Sedins and Ryan Kesler are struggling.

Thankfully, the Canucks have the Florida Panthers next. If a game against the Cats isn’t a slump buster, I don’t know what is. They’ve already fired their head coach and have an even worse time scoring goals than the Canucks.

Let’s just hope Tim Thomas does the right thing and pumps Luongo’s tires.

The puck drops at 7:30 p.m. on the S-Pac this coming Tuesday.


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