Canucks Bieksa Pretends to be Kesler in Radio Interview

Fruit Punch…

After Game 4 between the Vancouver Canucks and Los Angeles Kings was in the record books Wednesday, Canadian Mike aka Mike Dunsmore of FOX Sports Radio did a radio interview with Ryan Kesler.

Or so he thought.

Listen to the interview and you can figure out who it was.

Dunsmore (@CanadianMike101) tweeted this at 2:16pm pacific time on Saturday afternoon:!/CanadianMike101/statuses/193810531562430464

To be fair to Mike, Juice does an awfully good impression of the patriotic, egotistical, and apparently “guzzling” Ryan Kesler.

bieksa canucks

Juice - the constant comedian!

Yes, that’s right, Kevin Bieksa, pretending to be Ryan Kesler, the best traffic runner in the NHL according to Juice, nicknamed Kes “GUZZLER.” If a Boston Bruins fan can’t laugh at that, they really don’t have souls.

This has got to go down as a pretty embarrassing moment for Mike who has dual American/Canadian citizenship according to his twitter bio, but if I were him, I would just laugh along with everybody else, because that’s what we’re doing.

It’s perfectly understandable Mike…sorta. No Canucks fan would ever not realise one was actually the other but we’ll cut you some slack since working in the US for FOX probably loosens your grip on the Canadian sports scene, let alone more specifically the Vancouver one.

You know what’s even more great about this interview? It shows the personality of this team. They are mired in a 3-1 death lock at the hands of the LA Kings, but can still be personable and downright loose.

Some might say Bieksa et al should be more angry and more serious but you know what they say: “Laughter is the best medicine.” Some medicine is exactly what the Canucks needs to get out of this abysmal hole.

“The fans in Canada are great, but this is [America] where the real hockey fans are in my opinion,” said Bieksa.

Our team may be the most hated, but how could anyone say they also aren’t the most hilarious?


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  • Can’t believe how well Bieksa got Dunsmore to go along with this, hook line and sinker. If the Canucks can bring it on-ice as well as they do off it, they’ll be fine tonight. 

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