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I recently had an opportunity to “twitterview” Vancouver Canucks #1 Goalie Prospect Eddie Lack (@EddieLack) and what I came away with is that he is a very well spoken young man; ready for big things.

Here is a short background on Eddie to whet your appetite:

Eddie Lack was born January 5th , 1988 in Nortällje, Sweden. He was expected to be drafted at the 2009 NHL Entry Draft but was looked over. He was signed as a free agent the following season by the Vancouver Canucks and signed a 2 year entry level contract in April 2010.

Eddie Lack

Lack recently got onto Twitter!

Eddie has spent two seasons in the AHL now; first with the Manitoba Moose and now with the Chicago Wolves.

Prior, he played for Leksands IF in the SWE-2 league and for Brynas IF of the SEL (Elitserien).

As of February 10th, 2012, Eddie Lack has a 2011-12 record of 12-11-5 in a starting role ahead of Matt Climie. He has played in 27 of 47 games this season leading the Wolves to 5th spot in the Western Conference.

Eddie very recently set up a twitter account which allowed for this interview to happen.

Follow him @EddieLack.

So without further ado, I present to you, my loyal readers, my interview (twitterview) with Mr. Lack.

JH: Let’s get down to business shall we?

EL: OK Let’s do this.

JH: So Eddie, what inspired you to be a goalie and did you ever play any other positions growing up?

EL: I started off not being goalie but I guess I was such a bad skater, so they put me in goal and I never went back.

JH: Did you have a player or goalie you looked up to growing up?

EL: I’ve always loved Peter Forsberg. I remember growing up and the first thing I did in the morning was to put the TV on to see if Peter scored.

JH: Good choice.

Now moving to the AHL; What is it like having such a seasoned coach in Craig MacTavish? How has he supported you?    

Peter Forsberg

"I’ve always loved Peter Forsberg."

EL: He’s been really good to me. Even when I’ve been through some tougher times this year I feel like he’s always been supporting me and talking to me. That’s what I’m looking for in a coach.

He’s a great person too!

JH: Good to hear from a fan’s point of view. How demoralizing, or motivating was it, to go undrafted in 2009?

EL: I wasn’t expecting anything; I just heard some rumors from one team so I was just hoping, but didn’t expect anything. Just that a club was thinking about me got me working even harder, so that gave me a boost for sure.

JH: Any way you can reveal what team you heard was rumoured to be looking at you?

EL: Haha no I keep that to myself 😉

JH: Haha; Understood. So that year, you ended up playing 14 games for Brynas in the Elitserien, the highest league in Sweden. Do you think having played at “the top” will prepare you at all for the NHL?

EL: I think it will but the leagues are so different. But I learned a lot being #2 behind Jacob Markström and that made me a better goalie.

JH: You’re of course speaking about Jacob Markström, now of the Florida Panthers. Have you two kept in touch?

EL: Yes we are very good friends 🙂

JH: Do you feel you are ready for the step up to the NHL? Which part of the step up at some point are you most excited about?

EL: I hope I’m ready; I haven’t tried it yet but I think I’m almost ready to try it. I let the people that decide that worry about it. I’m just trying to work hard every day to get closer to that step.

I know that when I’m ready I’m going to play there so just work on improving my game. Of course I’m most excited about playing against the best players. Just look at the players up there and if I’ll someday play against and with those guys, I’ll be extremely happy.

JH: What are the top 3 things you love the most about the Canucks organization?

EL: No special order. Always a cup contender, Lots of Swedish guys, Great goalie coach.

Eddie Lack

"Of course I'm most excited about playing against the best players."

 JH: Being a Cup contender is definitely a good thing. 😛 Now let’s make the mood a little lighter. What type of shot are you most afraid of?

EL: Every shot that comes from Byron Bitz. That man got a bomb.

JH: You must have been happy to see him get a couple points against the Preds then?

EL: Yes I’m happy for him. Great guy!

JH: Do you have any pre-game, in-game, post-game or off-day rituals or superstitions?

EL: I always eat pasta day before and 2 hours nap before the game. I like to listen to music and pump myself up.

JH: Any specific kind of pasta or sauce? Do you put parmesan cheese on top?

EL: Me and Jordan [Schroeder] usually go to Gianni’s Italian (Chicago/Rosemont) spot here and order take out; Rigatoni with vodka sauce and chicken. No cheese on top.

JH: That sounds amazing. Can you elaborate on the victory dance?

EL: Haha The victory dance is just something I did in Sweden after a great win and I started it in Manitoba last year and now I just keep it goin.

JH: Who pressured you the most to get on twitter?

EL: Just the guys on the team. Everyone’s been getting it lately so I figured why not, but Baumer [Nolan Baumgartner] was the guy that convinced me.

JH: I have to admit, you guys are all pretty hilarious. Who do you prefer to bunk with on the road? Best? Worst?

EL: What’s bunk? Sleep?

JH: Oh yeah, like who do you prefer to roommate with?

EL: Billy [Bill Sweatt] is my roommate right now and that’s how I want it. We like the same food and watch a lot of movies on the road.

He’s a little too much in to politics and stock market but I can live with that.

JH: Hey, as long as he’s no Tim Thomas! I know you haven’t been able to spend MUCH time here but do you have any favourite spots in Vancouver yet? Stanley Park? Coffee shops?

EL: I’ve been to the aquarium and liked that a lot. You have great restaurants and my favorite one is Italian Kitchen (1037 Alberni Street). I go there all the time.

JH: Ok, first fan question now (@alexlovesburrs); What kind of things have you found in Mike Duco’s beard?

EL: I’ll put my car keys in there before every practice; Safest place to hide stuff.

JH: I Definitely LOL’d at that! Another fan question (@luuluokrisyx1x); How would you feel about getting called up in the playoffs should Cory Schneider or Roberto Luongo go down at some point?   

Eddie Lack

"I've been to the Vancouver aquarium and liked that a lot."

EL: Of course I would feel bad for the one going down. You never wish that for a guy and especially someone like Cory or Lu. But I would be beyond excited just to be up there and being part of that group.

JH: Okay, we’re in the home stretch here. What are your thoughts on headshots and concussions?

EL: It’s unfortunate that so many guys are getting injured. I don’t really have a great solution to the problem but I hope that the guys that have the power to do something about think fast.

JH: Well put! Should the Canucks tender you a qualifying offer after this season when you become an RFA, how quick do you think you’d be to accept?

EL: I haven’t really thought about that yet. I’m just trying to end this season on a good note and we will see what happens after that!

JH: Good mindset for sure.  Your buddy @k_nauts (Kevin Connauton) just tweeted about leaving his turn signal on for 4 miles. Have you ever or would you ever get in a car with him? (Read our Kevin Connauton profile here)


EL: He lives in the same building as us so we carpool together. I think he’s an okay driver. I lived with Yann Sauve last year and that was different I can tell you that.

I was making sure the seatbelt worked before I got in the car.

JH: Name the body of water off the coast of your hometown Norrtälje?

EL: Östersjön?

JH: Is that Swedish for the Gulf of Bothnia?

EL: Haha never heard of Bothnia but could be true.

JH: *We both look it up on google*

EL: Yes I looked it up. (So he figures out Gulf of Bothnia is legit)

JH: Oh ya, Östersjön! (I figured it out; it`s a larger body of water a bit further out from Norrtälje) Where does your nickname THE STORK come from?

EL: Don’t really remember but I know it’s from my time in Leksand!

JH: **Interestingly enough, Eddie’s Wiki page (link at bottom) states the nickname is, “…in reference to his tall stature and long legs.”**

If you had to just guess, how long would you say the drive is from your hometown of Norrtälje, Sweden to Örnsköldsvik, home of the Sedins and Peter Forsberg? Don`t look it up!

EL: Okay I think it’s probably around 5 hours maybe 6! Right?

JH: Good guess. Google Maps tells me if you take the E4, it should take 6 hours and 22 minutes.

Eddie Lack Playing For Sweden

"My pasta is Rigatoni with vodka sauce and chicken. No cheese on top."

EL: So 5 when I`m driving 😉

JH: Ahaha maybe it`s @k_nauts who should be afraid of driving with YOU!

EL: Probably 😉

JH: Alright man. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this. I wish you the best for the rest of the season. Any last words for your fans?

EL: Thank you 🙂 Just keep doing what you’re doing because I really love playing for this organization!

JH: Thanks Eddie!

**Stay tuned for more Game Previews and special features coming up on Northwest Sports Beat**

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