TSN1040 fanned on the shot…Nucks fans…weigh in!

Change isn’t always good

If you have tuned into the majority of Canucks games this season on TSN1040, you will have noticed that something wasn’t quite the same as seasons past.

Gone is Rick Ball and for all but 28 games so to is John “Shorty” Shorthouse.  With Ball now calling games for the Calgary Flames and Shorthouse only coming out for Rogers Sportsnet national broadcasts, the Canucks and TSN1040 have turned the mic over to Mr. Jon Abbott.

With all due respect to the former Toronto Marlies and occasional Maple Leafs announcer something just seems to be off and missing when it comes to tuning in for the radio broadcast.  Being blessed to have heard such greats like Jim Robson, Jim Hughson, Shorthouse and to a slightly lesser extent Ball, it just seems as though we are listening to a minor league broadcaster.

Robson was a mainstay on the mic for over thirty years before Hughson took over five seasons, followed by Shorthouse for since 1999.  Rick Ball was brought in to share duties with Shorty in 2009.

What if TSN1040 and the Canucks used the preseason games as an audition for announcers

What if TSN1040 and the Canucks used the preseason games as an audition for announcers

Now to be fair to Jon Abbott, maybe he just needs a little bit of time to get his feet wet, considering the shoes he has to fill, but to what extent should the listeners have to suffer?

Abbott is far from horrible, but when one listens to the broadcast on the radio, you want an announcer that paints a picture of the action and it seems as though with Abbott we are listening to a color by number, rather than a fluid watercolor masterpiece.

Whether you are driving, sitting at work or just anywhere that halts you from getting to a TV to see the live action, the quartet of play by play broadcasters told a story that if you were to sit back and close your eyes, it was easy to imagine the play happening right there and then.

If Canucks fans have to wait to see how Bo Horvat pans out and whether or not management will send him for seasoning after nine games, shouldn’t they have also been granted the honor of putting their new announcer through a test run?

What if TSN1040 and the Canucks used the preseason games as an audition for announcers to prove their worth and like with reality shows, the best was voted in?

Maybe it is just a case of too much change in one season.

A new GM.

A new bench boss.

A new starting goalie.

Heck, even new food at Rogers Arena.

Add to the mix a new radio play by play broadcaster and at some point, what you grew up knowing and getting used too feels as though it has all been taken away.

In support of Jon Abbott, maybe change is good, maybe like with the new regime…he just needs a chance to show his worth?


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