My Top Five Players in Vancouver Canucks History

Moments In Time: Greatest Canucks

There seems to be a running trend with pro sports teams in the Northwest: even if the team is young, even if the team doesn’t have a championship, it has some legendary players.

Here are my top five Vancouver Canucks of all time.

Note Cam Neely’s exclusion from the list.

Unlike, say, A-Rod on Seattle, Neely didn’t play out west long enough to be a true Canuck.

It would be like putting Trevor Linden on a “top five Islanders” list.

Here’s my Top 5 Canucks Players Of All Time

1. Pavel Bure

This pick is sure to incite controversy. But there has never been a more dynamic player in Canucks history than the Russian Rocket, who twice hit the 60-goal mark with Vancouver. No one could match his electrifying speed and hands.

It’s a shame to wonder what might have been had injuries not derailed his career.

2. Markus Naslund

In 10 years, the Sedins and Ryan Kesler may push him off this list. But Markus Naslund is Vancouver’s all-time leading scorer and was a true class act for his entire NHL career.

The Greatest Captain In Canucks History!

3. Trevor Linden

To me, Linden is still the greatest captain in Canucks history. He was the driving force behind their run to the Stanley Cup Final in 1994 alongside Bure and Kirk McLean.

4. Stan Smyl

Smyl wasn’t as flashy as some of Vancouver’s later stars but he was the first true franchise player in Canucks history.

5. Henrik and Daniel Sedin

Ugh. This is unfair. Henrik and Daniel are very different players, one a playmaker and one a sniper, so they don’t deserve to be lumped together at all.

But look at the names above them on this list. Ranking Henrik and Daniel separately would mean cutting one of those other guys.

And every one of them deserves top-five Canuck status.

So I’m cheating here – and I feel good about it.

As always let me know what you think below! I’m eager to discuss my selections!

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