Our picks: Canucks Three Stars of the Week

The Canucks three stars

For the week ending March 7th.

The Canucks did not cover themselves in glory for this edition. A pair of bad losses to two weaker teams, and a generally uninspired performance.

However, there were a few bright spots.

1. Zack Kassian


His first week on the Canucks roster and he’s a first star?

This bodes well!

Gillis is a genius! Zack Kassian had a goal and an assist against his old team, and throughout both games he was a physical presence. If he keeps this up, pretty soon Canucks fans everywhere will all be saying “Cody who?”

The only downside: the media LOVES him. This is a bad thing.


It means if (when) he has a few bad games, it will hit him that much harder. But for now, he can bask in the glory of being a star in a hockey town.

2. David Booth

Two goals against Buffalo and a generally strong offensive performance. He’s showing off Mason Raymond like speed, except he’s got a much better shot and offensive instincts.

He creates tons of offensive chances in the zone and generally irritates the defense. If he can maintain his current level of production, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say the Canucks have the deepest top 6 in the NHL.

David Booth and Ryan Keslerwould be first liners on many teams. And that doesn’t even mention…

Zack Kassian

His first week on the Van-City roster and he's a first star?

3. Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins has been relatively quiet all season. He has 13 goals and and 21 assists in 56 games, which is good, but doesn’t stand out.

He doesn’t get onto the highlight reel very often, and he doesn’t make a lot of beautiful passes. He’s relatively unassuming, and generally doesn’t offer up many good quotes.

But he gets the job done, and that’s really all that counts.

Goal of the Week

Ummm. The Canucks didn’t score many goals this week, and none of them were pretty. HOWEVER, they did manage to allow 10 goals in two games, many of them ugly.

So in their honor I present my first ever LAST STAR of the week:

Luongo Rant

Roberto Luongo‘s worst back to back games of the season by far. Sure his defense wasn’t great, but can’t he just keep his head up for once? I hate seeing that head droop and shoulder’s slump,

I know what it means, and so does his team. Step it up Bobby Lu, or get on the bench.

Ok here’s the Kassian Goal


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  • Careful about where you drop “Cody who,” I hear Josh is still emotional about it :p Kassian’s goal was about as pretty as his smile, but in this league that’s what gets things done. 

  • Man do I love Luongo’s crucification pose.  

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