Our Picks: The weekly Canucks three stars – February 3rd

Hello all!

After an uneventful and mostly worthless All Star Weekend (see my rant for details) the Canucks are back to playing games somewhat regularly, which is great for all of you and for me because I need something to write about!

Without further ado, this week’s Three Stars:

First Star – Goaltending

OK this is a cop-out.

Technically they could be first and second stars, but as they only played one game each I’m putting them together. The more impressive of the two was certainly Cory Schneider, who had 37 saves and a .949 save percentage in a huge win over the Blackhawks.

Man, I hate that team.

It’s shocking to think that they’re public enemy #2 next to Boston. But I digress. Showing consistency and sparks of brilliance (that glove deflection from his back was breathtaking) Schneider has proved that he deserves a starting position next year.

Will he get it in Vancouver? Hard to say. Because… Roberto Luongo is sneakily playing really well right now. Against Detroit his defense was AWFUL.

They let three breakaways go in the first period, and allowed numerous odd man rushes get to the top of the circle and closer  before taking shots.

Luongo made 40 saves and had a save percentage of .930. Also, he didn’t get a lot of support at the far end, the Canucks were outshot 43-25, so there was a ton of pressure on him to be brilliant all game.

The reason he fall belows Schneider? A W vs an L, and he still is awful in the shootout. Thank god they don’t have those in the playoffs.

Cory Schneider + Roberto Luongo

Co-Number 1 Star This week for the Canucks!

Second Star – Henrik Sedin

So this isn’t exactly shocking, but Henrik Sedin is leading the league in assists. Again. For the third straight year. He can see angles and opportunities that no one else can, particularly when his brother is involved.

And this week?

He was involved in both of the Canucks crucial goals, assisting Daniel in the game winner against Chicago and then then feeding Raymond to tie Detroit in the third period.

Like a great point guard, he makes everyone around him better and opens up tons of opportunities for himself.

Third Star – Cody Hodgson

Cody Hodgson was rated the top NHL prospect after he was drafted. He had ups and downs during the past few seasons, but this year has really come into his own.

14 goals and 16 assists, a healthy +8 and playing a decent 13 minutes a game. Plus he’s the January NHL Rookie of the month.

He’s still got a lot of learning to do, but there should be no doubt that he will one day play on the first line.

Let’s just hope the Canucks don’t jump the gun and trade him this year. Oh and also, he scored a pure “goal scorers goal” against Chicago this week, which can be seen below in our Goal of the Week section.

Goal of the Week

Witness the future. Beauty by Coho! Bang Bang Bang Bang, Vamanos Vamanos!



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