Our Picks: The Weekly Canucks Three Stars – January 19th

Best Of The…Best?

Hello all!

I’m excited to tackle this new column which I will be publishing every week from this point forward. Unfortunately, we’ve chosen a bit of a bad week to start as the Canucks have lost two of their past three and also only have two games over the next two weeks.


Guess I’ll have to get a bit creative!

For this week, the Canucks three stars are:

First Star – Alex Burrows

This wasn’t too difficult of a decision. With two goals in a big win against St. Louis and an assist in each of the two losses, Alex Burrows showed his consistency and continued to prove that he is probably the best contract in the NHL.

For the season he has 31 points in 45 games, which is solid considering his slow start. And with a plus/minus of 20 and a tendency to draw penalties, he contributes to the Canucks in all phases of the game.

If the Canucks have any integrity, they will tear up his contract next year and sign him to a new multi-year deal that is worth considerably more.

Daniel Sedin

Daniel...Not a bad week in anyone's books. Well deserved 2nd Star of the Week!

Second Star – Daniel Sedin

We often forget how amazing Daniel is don’t we?  Consistently performing, night after night, contributing to the scoresheet in every way.

He scored the game winner against St. Louis in overtime, had another goal against LA and put 11 shots on net.

Not a bad week in anyone’s books. So far he has entered a campaign that is MVP worthy, and that’s with his brother nipping at his heels.

Third Star – Roberto Luongo

Please don’t hate me. I know two losses in a week isn’t great, but Roberto Luongo faced an average of 33 shots a game and made some big saves to keep the Canucks competitive against the Blues.

He also has proved steadier in general, and he and Cory Schneider and proving that they are still a formidable combination. Much like Daniel Sedin, we tend to forget that Luongo, day in and day out, is always among the top 10 goalies in the league.

Unfortunately he is a victim of his and the Canucks success, and his legacy in this city will be totally defined by whether or not he hoists a cup.

Despite a losing record this week, he is good enough to one day lift up the Cup in a Canucks jersey.

Goal of the Week – Our vote for the Nicest Goal Last 7 Days (Video)

It’s not the flashiest, but its effective and it gave us the win we needed:


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  • Still love TJ Oshie racing to get a stick and giving the Canucks a 4-on-2 on that goal

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