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Obama, I know dat feel bro!

For the 2nd season in a row, the Vancouver Canucks are President’s Trophy Champs. Of course this means diddly-squat compared to the Stanley Cup but it means home-ice advantage throughout the playoffs. We’ll take it.

As a Canucks fan this morning, how do you feel? Comment below!

That is below the list of Canucks and other hockey related articles I have compiled for this, the day after the 2011-12 NHL Regular Season ended.

What are the CRAY NWSB staff saying?

We’ve got some great stuff. Read it all right HERE!

What are the LOCAL guys saying?


Province Sports: Canucks Roll Oilers for 2nd Straight President’s Trophy – The result was up in the air until the Canucks struck first late in the 2nd period. They never looked back. By Jason Botchford

Vancouver Sun: Canucks Repeat as All President’s Men – Once is awesome, twice is impressive, but twice in a row? Magnificent and promising. By Elliott Pap


Province Sports: Daniel Sedin Expected Back for Game 1 – Reports vary but this one says the reigning Art Ross trophy winner will return in time for the playoffs.  By Jason Botchford

Vancouver Sun: It’s Been a Darn Good Year for Canucks – Sure there has been moments of panic and frustration but come on, they’re in the creme of the crop. By Elliott Pap

Pass it to Bulis: Spitballin’ On the Canucks Dwindling Repugnance – Since Daniel was knocked out of the lineup, the Canucks have been playing inspired hockey. By Harrison Mooney

Smug Nation: Why Are We So Smug Anyway? – We hate and we don’t appreciate. What’s up with that? By Aidan

The Birthing Whale says, "I feel good; da na, na na, na na na!"

Province Sports: Paulina Gretzky Caught Leaving LA Night Club in Lingerie – This isn’t Canucks news but I don’t really care. via TMZ

Nucks Misconduct: One More Time for that Sweet Souvenir – Something, something about Ryane Clowe being a cheating idiot for San Jose. By JordanClarke

Head to the Net: Canucks Games have Become Boring; Get Used to It – I don’t know if I agree since the playoffs are never boring but it’s been a hard go in this stretch drive. By HTTN Staff

Canucks Army: Wolf Prowl – This week’s update on the Canucks’ farm team in Chicago. By Patrick Johnston

What are the NATIONAL guys saying?

 The National Post: Sens and Nucks Only Teams Left with Chance at being Canada’s Team – The debate rages every April; who is Canada’s team? By Sean McIndoe

The Globe and Mail: The Yin and Yang of Roberto Luongo – Most night’s he is stellar but then he throws out a bomb and hears it from 95% of the idiots in Vancouver. By David Ebner

What are the ENEMIES saying?

 The Edmonton Sun: Renney Stuck to His Principles – It’s been tough for the Oilers. They have once again finished in the NHL’s cozy little basement. What’s been their constant is coaching from Tom Renney, the consummate professional. By Roberto Tychkowski

The Morning Java will be posted regularly Wednesday and Saturday mornings (with some exceptions) so check us out then to find some of the best local and national Canucks material on the web!


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  • Yeah the playoffs can make any defensive battle exciting. Love the tension of a low-scoring playoff game.

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