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Rise and Shine

Good freakin’ Morning Canucks fans. What’s on your breakfast plate this morn? Bacon and eggs you say? Do you know what goes well with bacon and eggs? You guessed it; the Canucks morning java.

Read on for a collection of the best (and worst) Canucks articles, blogs and stories from across the interwebz the last few days.

What are the SMOLDERING NWSB staff saying?

To read the all the best in the Northwest, click right HERE!

Here’s the Habs vs. Canucks Post Game from NWSB – Boxscore | Recap

What are the LOCAL guys saying?

Province Sports: Linden, Iginla on Jets’ Bandwagon – Their reach is far and wide as the Jets push for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. By Tim Campbell

Province Sports: Higgins Back on Track After Staph InfectionsChris Higgins found himself off the 2nd line earlier this week but with him finding his form again lately, it’s safe to say he’s here to stay. By Jason Botchford

Pass it to Bulis: Breakdowning Pahlsson’s Winning Goal Against the Jets– A scene by scene breakdown of what was Pahlsson’s first goal as a Canuck. By Harrison Mooney

The Birthing Whale says, "I find your lack of faith disturbing."

Pass it to Bulis: Spitballing on Weise and Lapierre’s Bad Acting – When will those boys learn? Diving is for soccer. By Harrison Mooney

Vancouver Sun: Habs’ Woeful Season ~ 30 Points Behind Canucks – The team is up for a makeover this summer but they have some unfinished business; finishing this woeful season. By Elliott Pap

Nucks Misconduct: Canucks Lack of Power Play Chances Much Ado About Nothing – Is it justified to be worried about the decreased proficiency on the Canucks’ powerplay? By DanTheStatMan

Canucks Army: Wolf Prowl ~ March 9th – A recap of the week that was in Chicago Wolves land. By Patrick Johnston

What are the NATIONAL guys saying?

The Globe and Mail: Chris Higgins ready for Habs Reunion – Higgy plays his former team for the first time since being traded at the deadline in 2010. He was out with a staph infection for the Canucks and Habs first meeting this season. By Alex Joehl

The National Post: Canucks Ready to Showoff Revamped PowerPlay – If Ryan Kesler can activate beastmode again with the subtraction of Hodgson and addition of Gragnani to the powerplay, the Canucks look extra good heading towards the playoffs. By Brad Ziemer

What are the ENEMIES saying?

La Presse: The Day of the Great Return of Andrei Markov – The #1 D-man made his return against the Canucks Saturday night. By Marc Antoine Godin

La Presse: Chris Higgins Enjoying a Second Wind – Higgins, as mentioned makes his debut against his former team since being traded by Florida to the Canucks at last year’s trade deadline. By Marc Antoine Godin

The Morning Java will be posted regularly Wednesday and Saturday mornings (with some exceptions) so check us out then to find some of the best local and national Canucks material on the web!


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  • Really really hoping the Jets make the playoffs. 

    • I said they would last summer.

      •  I hoped they would, seeing as how the building would give them a huge boost, and it’s nice to see them almost there.

        that building would rock. the true seventh man.

        • 4 points back; same games played, it’s possible

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