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Hopefully you’re waking up a little bit before the late afternoon for a two reasons.

The first is because you don’t want to miss the Super Bowl at 3pm.

The second is you don’t want to miss the Canucks Morning Java, which you are reading right now, so obviously you aren’t missing it.

So yesterday the Canucks pulled a win out of their butts and people all over wrote about it. There were some other topics touched on recently by bloggers and writers all over the blogosphereso I have collected all the best just for you to read all in one place.

What are the NWSB Staff saying?

It’s a pretty simple question and it’s a pretty simple decision on what to do right now. CLICK RIGHT HERE!

What are the LOCAL guys saying?

Nucks Misconduct: Canucks At Avs Recap; Stanchion Redux – Was Kevin Bieksa‘s game tying goal really supported by the actions of one stanchion..again? By VanCityDan

Rob The Hockey Guy: Why The Canucks are Horrible in Shootouts – It really is ridiculous how all skill goes out the window seemingly every time. By Rob…the Hockey Guy

Canucks Army: Canucks Channel Houdini in Denver – It was something out of a Harry Potter movie…except they were playing hockey instead of quidditch. By Thomas Drance

Pass It To Bulis: I watched this Game – We all did…didn’t we? PITB with their usual comical look back at the game. By Harrison Mooney

Pass It To Bulis: Drance Numbers; Investigating COHO’s Monster January – A good review of just how good Cody Hodgson was in January earning himself the NHL’s award for Rookie of the Month. By Thomas Drance

Province Sports: Listless Canucks Stun Avs – Let’s be honest; the Canucks didn’t deserve a single point out of this game but hey, a win’s a win. By Jason Botchford

Province Sports: The Bright Side of Sucking vs. Detroit – You have to look at the glass half full. By Tony Gallagher

Vancouver Sun: Canucks Steal SO Win in Denver – As mentioned before, they really didn’t deserve a point out of this one, but they did get two. By Brad Ziemer

What are the NATIONAL guys saying?

The National Post: Canucks Expectations Never Stop Rising – For a city that remains cupless after 40 years, you’re damn right everyone should expect more the entire journey. By Cam Cole

The Globe and Mail: RIOT TV: When do Cameras Belong in Court? – This one features the discussion on whether or not camera should be allowed into the court rooms of defendants being tried for their participation in the June 15, 2011 Stanley Cup Riot. By Sunny Dhillon

What are the ENEMIES saying?

The Denver Post: Canucks Rally for 3-2 Win over Avalanche – A little something from a Denver point of view. By Pat Graham

Fang Faction: Predators and Blues Preview – This is just so you can get a taste of how Nashville looks prior to Tuesday’s tilt vs. Vancouver. By Jake Old

On the Forecheck: Blues-Preds Game Thread – Again, a taste before Tuesday. By Dirk Hoag

The Morning Java will be posted regularly Wednesday and Saturday mornings (with some exceptions) so check us out then to find some of the best local and national Canucks material on the web!


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  • I liked John Garrett’s idea of creating internal competition in practice by making three man teams when practicing the shootout. You have to recreate the intensity. 

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