@Strombone1: Where Canucks goalie controversy and twitter controversy collide

Is it or is it not? That is the Question!

The Vancouver Canucks have officially lost to the eventual Stanley Cup Champions three seasons in a row, and the sting of a first round playoff loss to the Kings still remains.

After LA’s Cup victory on Monday the focus shifts completely to the off-season, most importantly the big questions that remain un-answered regarding next year’s lineup.

The identity of @Strombone1 Vancouver’s starting goaltender is a major mystery.

While the identify of @Strombone1 has become of utmost importance to Canucks fans over the past few weeks, the name of Vancouver’s number one goaltender to begin the 2012/13 season is becoming a curious question.

There is heavy speculation that Roberto Luongo could be headed east to teams like Toronto or Florida, however the potential for change significantly diminishes if Cory Schneider is sent an unreasonably large offer-sheet before the former captain can be dealt.

A strombabble, indeed

In addition to the quandary in the crease, the mystery of the elusive @Strombone1 Twitter account, speculated to be run by Luongo himself, remains a burning question in the hearts of curious Canucks fans.

While a Twitter-view conducted by Pass It To Bulis last week revealed further clues and humour regarding Luongo and some other Canucks, no source has been able to identify the account holder by reason or riddle.

The Canucks have had a thoroughly entertaining season on Twitterthis year, however the mystery surrounding Roberto Luongo’s future and his alleged social media handle begins to raise concern of further controversy down the line.

Roberto Luongo?

@Strombone1 Twitter account, speculated to be run by Luongo himself (Photo from Twitter account for Strombone1)

Whether Luongo himself runs the account, or another Canuck has jokingly taken up his online persona, one NHL team seems destined to become distracted by the infamous Strombone.

The account has swiftly deflected trade rumours and other gossip so far during this short-lived offseason, but the spotlight of another regular season could easily reveal the identity of the tweeter in an avalanche of controversy.

What if @Strombone1 is revealed to be Luongo?

Or Kevin Bieksa?

Or Another imposter?

In a hockey crazy city like Vancouver the Canucks can ill-afford another Twitter controversy this time surrounding their star goaltender.

Given the amount of grief in the Twitterverse surrounding David Booth’s recent bear hunt, the sky is the limit when it comes to Vancouver’s favourite punching bag in Luongo.

Whether the identity of the mystery account is revealed or not, the potential for comedy and controversy surrounding its masterful 140-character messages continues to climb.

The longer the Twitter handle remains anonymous and the longer the Canucks are carrying two top goaltenders, the more volatile every message can become.

Canucks fans can continue to watch the saga unfold by following someone on Twitter @Strombone1 or by following Roberto Luongo home from the next Florida Marlins game.


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