Dallas Stars vs. Canucks blog: love ’em & hate ‘em

Ugly Game. Uglier Effort

Tuesday night’s game against the Dallas Stars was another dud for the Vancouver Canucks, who appear to be faring no better at home then they were on the road. The performances have actually gotten worse as regulation losses have found their way back into the regular rotation.

Ultimately though this will be forgotten in a week, and a hazy memory in a month when the playoffs kick off. The Canucks sit pretty on top of the Northwest, assured a top 2 seed in the West.

Sure a President’s Trophy and top seed would be nice, but that was last year’s goal. This year’s doesn’t even begin for another 35 days.

There’s nothing you can do but hurry up and wait.

Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for my Love ‘Em/Hate ‘Em for the Dallas Stars vs. Vancouver Canucks.

Love ‘Em

1. Higgins Embiggens

The lone bright spot was the vigor of Chris Higgins who had a perfectly cromulent game with a goal and an assist. It looks like he’s finally back in the saddle after his staph infections sidelined him and sapped his strength.

Could we see the return of the American Express line on Thursday?

2. Silver Lining A

Sometimes it can be tough to take three good things away from a game like this, so the first silver lining award goes to the Sedins who, while not getting on the scoresheet, had some of their best chances of recent games and should be getting dual “Grape Job!” scratch-and-sniff stickers from Alain Vigneault.

That they’re still at the top of the Western Conference scoring race tells you that with the exception of Columbus and Edmonton, there are no easy games in the Western Conference anymore.

3. Silver Lining B

Dallas won to take over the Pacific Division top spot and this is a good thing because I’m not sure I’d like to see them match-up with the Canucks in the first round. They seem to have a knack for getting the advantage over the Canucks, although this could be fueled by the Stars being in full playoff mode for the past couple weeks while the Canucks, as mentioned, have had a fone-it-in fortnight.

There’s still two more contests against the Stars left to test this theory of Dallas being a major pain in the first round.

Hate ‘Em

1. More Like Riber-no!

Mike Riberio, the greasy lovechild of Maxim Lapierre and Roberto Luongo, is so annoying.

Stars vs. Canucks

I hated this game. Here's the Ice Girls! :)

This isn’t exactly news but on a night where he scores a couple of goals it needs to be said. Is this how other teams feel about Alex Burrows? Is this what you call empathy?

2. Oh Yeah Burrows

Horrible game by Alex Burrows who’s usually immune to the horrible game syndrome. A fantastic -3 on the night and one of those times where the statistic doesn’t completely lie.

He also wasn’t offensively on a night where the Sedins were showing some fire.

Basically he got out Cirque du Soliel’d by Mike Riberio.

3. Throwing Kassian under the Bus

Why not?

I’m only half-serious but it’s hard to wonder where the game goes if he makes the penalty shot. Full credit to Richard Bachmann for the save, I guess he had some part in it as well.

And then for all the jawing and jostling in the first with guys like Steve Ott and Adam Burish, Kassian doesn’t the drop the gloves with any Star and slowly fades into the background as the game progresses.

It’s almost certainly the case of Ott and Burish not wanting to feed the crowd that burger they’ve been waiting for all week, but still it was frustrating.

To see the Stars toe the line and not engage in after-whistle stuff while taking care of business on the ice and win the game was….enviable.


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