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Best Picture? Not…

In honour of the Sunday, we’re switching up the Love Em/Hate Em today to present the oscars and razzies this game so sorely deserves.

If this game was an actual film, it would probably be The Artist. It was silent, starred a litany of people you had never heard of, and doesn’t Alain Vigneault look a little like John Goodman?

So without further ado, let’s roll out the red carpet and give out some awards. Errrr Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars Love ’em & Hate ’em.

Oscars (Love ‘Em)

1. Best Actor in a  Comedic Performance

Well, Vern Fiddler wins this one hands down. The best part about Alain Vigneault’s laughing fit was that no one was completely sure what he was at laughing at. Turns out Vern Fiddler can do a Kevin Bieksa impression that will make you laugh for over 90 seconds.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone do an impression that cracked me up that badly so believe me when I say I’m very genuinely curious to see Fiddler’s Bieksa impression.

2. Best Comeback Actor

Yeah I know that’s not a real award.

Anyway, Mason Raymond takes the award that was specifically made to honour him because really that’s about the only type of awards he can win these days. Raymond now has two goals in two goals but Kari Lehtonen takes a lot of the credit for his second. Is Lehtonen purposefully boosting the confidence of his future teammate?

Has Mason Raymond starred in his last feature for the Vancouver Canucks?

Find out on an all new TradeDeadline Monday!! (Check out the NWSB Forums for updates)

3. Best Supporting Actor

Chris Higgins picked up two assists as he continues to get his play to where it was until his body starting alternately decomposing and swelling. He’s never going to get his name above the marquee, but Higgins will steal whatever scene you put him in. He can play also any role you ask provided it has something to do with hockey.

I saw him play a high-strung politician once and let’s just say it straight to DVD.

Razzies (Hate ‘Em)

1. Worst Performance by a Group of Blind Mice

I’m referring (reffereeing?) to the refs here, if you couldn’t piece it together.


In honor of the Oscars, go see Goon! Just do it!

Now I realize the Vancouver Canucks may have benefited from a questionable icing call to tie the game in the dying seconds against Detroit and steal the extra point in extra time, but this one is completely different and absolutely unfair.

There should be absolutely no cosmic balance to the hockey gods, how dare they?

2. Worst Twist Ending

Like a M Night Symamhamh;dhaman movie, I can’t really say I either saw the twist ending coming nor do I completely understand why it happened.

So Mason Raymond was dead all along?

Crazy. I Ott to have seen that coming.

3. Worst Series

This one, hands down. I recently talked about this, and the Stars would be a snoozer for first-round excitement (then again, after last year, what wouldn’t be?).

Yeah, the Canucks would probably win but it wouldn’t be exciting. After all, isn’t that what this run of play in 2012 has proved? Vancouver is post-winning. Frustration erupts these days when the Canucks aren’t winning by five every game or coming out on the right side of a razor’s edge game.

We’ve gone numb.

We’re hitting the level of regular season success where I can honestly look at the remaining schedule and say that only the Winnipeg game really truly grabs me.

The rest are either a long string of middling Western Conference teams or in the case of St Louis and Los Angeles, teams who have a good record but play primarily defensive hockey.

Those games can work if they can create a playoff atmosphere but the atmosphere will most likely resemble the series with Nashville over anything else. #1stplaceproblems.

Last but not least.

In honor of the Oscars go watch Goon tonight, Youngblood or Slap Shot, you can thank me later. I think.


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  •  You obviously had a little more fun writing your postgame than I did mine, what a tough game to reflect on. Nice work Rich, have you already seen The Goon? I’m still waiting for a cheap date, but I’ll probably break soon.

    •  I have three gift certificates I got for Xmas on my dresser…I might use them.

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