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The Game After

While Daniel Sedin hopped a flight back to Vancouver immediately following the Chicago game, unsure whether he was Henrik or Daniel, the rest of the Canucks were off to Dallas to take on the Stars in the immediate haze of whatever happened Wednesday.

If a silver lining can be found, the Keith elbow should galvanize this team and mean the end of phone-it-in March. Of course, it could also break the other way….

On to the Love Em/Hate Em for what could very well by a first round series in 15 days between the Stars and the Canucks.

Love ‘Em

1. Everybody Loves Raymond Again

Losing Daniel Sedin left an offensive void in the forward corps so it only made sense the hole would be filled by a player most fans would consider offends them the most: Mason Raymond.

Raymond made the most of his opportunity on the first line by bagging the first goal and an assist on Kevin Bieksa‘s game-winner. It was shocking and relieving all at the same time.

It was so unexpected that John Shorthouse originally gave Dan Hamhuis credit for the opening goal tap-in before that was Mason Raymond. Even parked four feet in front of the net, it just made more sense if it was Dan Hamhuis, y’know?

Also continuing the theme of why you should never trust what I write, I completely miscalled this game by Raymond.

2. #CORY2012

Cory Schneider is going to be a star in this league when he eventually leaves Vancouver. His development and current level of play is also every bit of evidence I need to remind Cody Hodgson that he jumped the gun.

There’s no harm, and actually a lot of benefit, from learning with the best.

Thursday, he was his usual sound positional self, making the game look easy. If not for having a massive brain cramp, he most likely leaves Dallas with the shutout.

Thankfully, Schneider has been plenty happy to hang out in Vancouver for awhile because let’s face it, Roberto Luongo will have playoff issues somewhere this Spring.

It’s an accepted fate now.

Might as well carry a fantastic backup plan.

3. They Won

Slumping, with out the reigning Art Ross winner, playing a team that has beat them multiple times in the last month and could very well be a first-round opponent, the Vancouver Canucks walked out with two points.

They flipped the switch?

Canucks Sexy Fans

When We Win. You Win! Stars go down. The girls return! Hello girls!

Hate ‘Em

1. Everybody Hates Burrows

Alex Burrows intercepted the puck in front of an empty Dallas net on a delayed penalty and shot the puck into the net because hey it was there why not.

The Dallas Stars, avid NHL12 players, naturally proceeded to protect the dignity of their precious net and attack Burrows while also eventually dragging Ryan Kesler into the mix.

Again, the Stars and the Canucks have had multiple battles over the past month and know very well they could have four to seven more games in a couple weeks.

Let the pointless physical posturing commence. Hey as long as they keep their elbows down….

2. Easy, Ryder

This apparently only showed up on the Dallas feed but during one of the multiple scrums Jannik Hansen and Michael Ryder paired off.

Ryder tried to get Hansen to drop the gloves only for the Dane to pacify. Ryder upped the ante with a couple quick sucker punches and Hansen snapped and started unloading haymakers before Ryder turtled.

Honey Badgers man, you wouldn’t like them when they’re angry…

3. Freedom for a Policeman

Alain Vigneault is continuing the fine Vancouver past-time of calling out the refs.

Now he’s making the connection to Dan O’Halloran calling Duncan Keith for only two minutes and also being a ref during Game 6 of the Finals when Brad Marchand did what he felt like to Daniel Sedin.

Problem is, it was actually Kelly Sutherland who sat back and watched Marchand train for his big fight against Rocky, so not only is AV locking horns with a faction that has more influence on the success of his team than those in power would ever admit to or those on the other side could ever mention without being fined, he’s also doing it on the basis of factually incorrect evidence.

That’s a foolish game, AV.


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