Game 65 Blues Vs. Canucks: arch your back for this showdown

Crickity-Crack, The Canucks Are Back

When the Vancouver Canucks hit the ice at Rogers Arena Thursday night, it will be for the first time in 12 really, really long days. A six game road trip for Canucks fans is like going 40 days and 40 nights without the frozen goodness that is sex…I mean hockey.

Honey Badger Don't Care

Honey Badger Don't Care 'Bout Brian Elliott

Either way you look at it, the Canucks are well done by to be back on home-ice, especially given that the real Lent doesn’t end until the beginning of April.

So what and who will the Nuckleheads look to for success going forward in the unre-lent-ing Western Conference? Who will shine against a St. Louis team that is threatening Detroit to win the Central Division?

Canucks fans hope Zack Kassian has a place in said success. Judging by today’s tweets, the average fan reaction was that he played as well as could be expected against Phoenix. Good signs are good.

So let’s break down Thursday’s fairly large matchup between les Bleus and les Canooks.

Zackondary Scoring

On the road trip, a little man named Mason Raymond started to find some space and catch some breaks. While I’m not his biggest fan, I’m a firm believer of the saying, “You gotta be good to be lucky and lucky to be good.”

MayRay was extremely lucky on the goal he scored in Dallas but you have to take them where you can get them.

Now against a team in St. Louis that has 21 goals in their last 6 games, secondary scoring is key. If Zack Kassian (Kassssss-ian) can continue to trend upwards in the pleasantly surprised department and Jannik Hansen can find that honey badger attitude again, well maybe that 3rd line that’s supposed to look more traditional now can still be a scoring juggernaut.

Trust me, I’m still heartbroken that Hodgson is gone and I know I’m not the only one, but as the eternal optimist of Canucks Nation, there’s one thing clear; there is nothing any fan can do about it to bring him back.

We must support our current roster and yeah, maybe it’s just hope and nothing more but it’s realistic to think guys like Raymond and Hansen are kind of due to break out.

Le Fatigue

One would hope a team that’s on a 6 game road trip will only claim that sixth game as their tired game, rather than that and the first game back at home.

no place like home canucks

There's No Place Like Home!

Given the Canucks are raring to go Thursday night, the Blues may not be coming off a Wednesday night tilt against the spurned Oilers of Edmonton. I said this a few weeks ago; the Oilers have nothing left this season but their dignity.

I would imagine they will try and kick the crap outta St. Louis and the Blues will be ripe for the picking versus Vancouver; but don’t count on the first part of that equation.

Kung Pow Scoring

I know we’ve already determined that St. Louis has been on a bit of a scoring tear, but if we add on top of the fact that they will be tired Thursday evening in Vancity that they are one of the lowest scoring teams in the league (22ndoverall), it looks more and more like the Canucks will come out on top after regulation.

Woot woot for a run-on sentence and holla holla for the Canucks running on and away with the Western Conference title.

Do the math; St. Louis is 2 points back of Detroit and should they beat the Oilers Wednesday, they would not only be tied with D-Town, but 1 point back of Vancouver again.

It’s déjà vu from a few months ago when Daniel scored in OT as Oshie desperately skated to the bench for a new stick.

Take it to the Bank of Canada; your BEST BET TO WIN Thursday is the Vancouver Canucks.

Puck drop is at 7PM on Sportsnet Pacific and TEAM1040 Radio.


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  • This has trap game written all over it. First game back in a long time, Pahlsson and Kassian are still finding their feet and are going to be SWAMPED by fans and media now that they’re back in Vancouver and of course the Blues are trappy, trappy team.
    I don’t like this one, so I’m thinking a loss but it’s the Canucks so let’s say shootout loss. 

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