St Louis Blues vs. Canucks: Singing a Blue note

Shot By the Blues

It’s amazing how well the Canucks have looked since Ryan Kesler‘s return, yet they have just one point to show for those two games.

It’s almost a frustrating return to last year, where the Canucks just couldn’t translate on-ice performances into hockey wins.

Maybe David Booth is the answer?

Love ‘Em


It took just two games for Ryan Kesler to find the back of the net, and man has he made the powerplay better.

The Canucks are starting to throw the puck around on the man advantage the way they did a few years ago when it was the Harlem Globetrotters on ice.

The Sedins have also looked better five-on-five.

That’s not directly Kesler’s doing, but his return means that teams now have to key in on two dangerous scoring lines and not just one.

It means for one of the lines, they won’t be seeing the opposition’s top pairing.

Macy Rayray

Ryan Kesler Canucks

Kesler is back, so where’s the wins at Canucks? (Photo: CBS Sports)

It looked another regulation loss was in order until Mason Raymond scored a powerplay goal with less than two minutes left.

It’s been a fantastic turnaround season for the kid, who looks like he’s harnessing his power of speed, and figuring out how to use it to create offensive and score goals.

Looks like someone’s done well to prove their worth ahead of David Booth returning.

101 Dawes Watching

Hard not to love a story like Herb Dawes, 101 years old, checking his first Canucks game front row.

Dawes was rocking it in style with a blanket and a pair of headphones. Can’t be long before the Canucks sell official game-watching blankets for $101.

Hate ‘Em

We Built a Luongo Statue

This tweet says it all really.

Damn that Jake Allen

The rookie goalie has now won his first three career games and looked fantastic against the Canucks.

His save off Alex Burrows in overtime was absolutely magnificent, and his iPad viewing before the shootout may have given him another edge.

Let’s trade Luongo for him.

The Fall of Kass

There was pretty much no Zack Kassian in the third, as the winger’s game has fallen apart after his hot start.

This is probably closer to the Kassian we should be expecting this year.

He’s young, and his consistency, especially as a power forward, takes a painful amount of patience to let grow.

Remember, it took Todd Bertuzzi quite a few years to become that dominant force.


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