Social Media Report: Canucks on Twitter Edition Part 2

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In case you’ve missed them this is my third Social media report published on NWSB. You can read them on the Social media page here.


Ever since the Vancouver Canucks Kevin Bieksa, Dale Weise, Andrew Ebbett and David Booth followed in Ryan Kesler‘s footsteps and joined Twitter, there’s been some pretty hilarious Canucks banter going on that deserves some recognition.

@Ryan_Kesler, the first Canuck to take on tweeting like the #beauty that he is, has had more frequent and noteworthy material since he talked Kevin Bieksa @kbieksa3 into securing a Twitter handle of his own months ago.

Kesler recently offered up his @ESPN the Magazine nude Body Issue pic to the defenceman – @Ryan_Kelser: @kbieksa3 Nothin needs to be said about this but here’s something to put on your fridge buds! #bodyissue

Bieksa returned a chirp in response – @kbieksa3: Great day for an outdoor event! Wondering how my naked Kesler costume is going to do in the cold rain…

Athletes On Twitter

Athletes On Twitter

Before sharing a photo of his real Halloween costume – @kbieksa3: Hope the elves @ the North Pole dont think im being racist…Whats your favorite color? @dantorres86 (After former Canuck Raffi Torres caught heat for what Phoenix Coyotes’ teammate Paul Bissonnette twit pic’d – @BizNasty2point0: Raffi Torres and his wife as Jay-Z and Beyonce.

It’s never been easier to see what our boys are up to now that more of them are on social media, tweeting frequently. Since Booth and Weise joined just weeks ago, and Ebbett this past summer, the entertainment value on Twitter for Canucks Nation has drastically increased.

David Booth (@d_booth7) – Judging by his tweets and regimented work out routine pre and post game, this Michigan native is jacked to be playing in Canada, and hanging out with his teammates off the ice. Not to mention great enthusiasm and goal scoring.

@d_booth7: Big win! We gotta great team! #hardwork! Now I gotta take some lessons from @kbieksa3 on how to tango. #throwinbricks

@d_booth7: Last time I got a haircut with @Ryan_Kesler he made me buzz it!! #UGLY This time he wanted me to shave my eyebrows!! #HOT    

Dale Weise (@daleweise32) – He’s single ladies! And he wants you to know. Started up his Twitter account about a week ago and has been all over it. He responds to everyone, so if you’re a fan you should reach out.

@daleweise32: Took a lot of flack from the boys for my twitter activity yesterday may have to tone it down.

@daleweise32: Just watched a video of my nephew score on his mini sticks net and celly…..#mademyday #missthelittlebeauty @Derrickweise22

@daleweise32: excellent dinner with @D_Booth7 at chambar! Amazing food! #bromance

Andrew Ebbett (@aebbett) – He’s out for 10 games after blocking a shot with his foot against the LA Kings, so expect more content in the coming weeks. Giving the updates from his kitchen table to the links in California, Ebbett’s a BC Lions & Timmy Ho’s fan. Good ol’ Canadian boy. Follow follow follow.

@aebbett: Thanks for all the congrats on my 1st as a Canuck. A little bittersweet though as I broke my foot trying to play goalie. #kicksaveandabeauty

Vancouver Canucks Twitter

Social Media Report: The Best Vancouver Canucks On Twitter

@aebbett: My wife made sloppy joes tonight. “Have some more sloppy joes, I made ’em EXTRA sloppy for youse! ha ha ha.” #ladyyourescaringus#dynamite

@aebbett: No winners in the golf tourney. Alberts and Schneider beat Manny and I in our 4some. #sandbaggers Rome, Ballard and @D_Booth7 throw darts.

@aebbett: The Lions have already won half as many games as they did the last 3 years! Calvin Johnson is a beast #megatron #restoredaroar

@aebbett: @Daleweise32 already has tweeted more in 1 hour than @kbieksa3has ever. Guy is looking to set records. #fanfavorite

The Canucks are all #beauties and if you’re interested in their latest thoughts, actions, haircuts and meals, they’re worth a follow.

If not, I’ll continue to sum it all up for you in the Social Media Report, anyway. 🙂

Oh by the way I’m @_CarolynSmith and I’m on Twitter.    

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  • Richardhodges

    weise’s twitter is hilarious because the accounts he follows are exclusively scantily clad ladies

    the next biznasty?

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