ICYMI…Here we go again Vancouver Canucks fans…

Game 1 Love ‘Em and Hate ‘Em

Frustrating. That’s the word that best describes last night’s Vancouver Canucks game.

It was too typical of the post-2011 efforts we’ve seen time and time again. Throwing the puck at the night with little success only to see a defensive breakdown at the other end result in a timely and opportunistic goal against.

If this is the best the Canucks have, it could be 2012 all over again.

Thing is, they’ve teased us with performances like the one against Chicago that prove they have another gear.

It’s just very rare.

Love ’em

1. Roberto

He’ll take the loss, and allowed two third period goals, but Roberto Luongo was brilliant in his unlikely start. His best saves came early, when the Sharks initially outshot the Canucks 7-1, but on a night when he needed to be perfect to win with one goal of support, he couldn’t achieve the impossible.

If history is indication, that will his fault and not on his eighteen other teammates.

2. That’s our Roy

He didn’t score, but Derek Roy looked dangerous all night long on a team that needs some offensive spark. It’s unfortunate he couldn’t convert a chance in a game that needed a break to go the Canucks way.

the idea of putting the wear and tear on the Sharks early in the series could pay off...could.

The idea of putting the wear and tear on the Sharks early in the series could pay off…could.

Look for him to be flying again in Game 2.

3. Top hits

The Canucks hit the Sharks more often than they have any opponent this season, proving they were ready to amp up their intensity for the playoffs.

Hit counts are a double-edged sword, considering in order to hit someone you have to not have the puck, but the idea of putting the wear and tear on the Sharks early in the series could pay off in later games.

Hate ’em

1. Puck luck

Is it puck luck that demands the Canucks need be perfect to put the puck in the net but their opponents can score at will with any half-decent chance?

Again, supremely frustrating and one of those things that makes you feel absolutely helpless as a fan.

2. Ryan Kesler is quite ill

Or I’m hoping it’s the flu and not yet another ailment from a player who may never fully recover from 2011. The Canucks need Ryan Kesler to be Kesler, especially with Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin having officially lost a step.

Get well soon, buddy.

3. What’s up with Daniel?

Multiple times in this game Daniel Sedin had a perfect opportunity to shoot the puck and either hesitated or passed off.

You can’t do that when you’re the only “sniper” this team has. You can’t do that when the only goal your team scores is a net-crasher.

The Canucks need goals and you are a goalscorer.

Shoot the puck.


  • 1. L. Couture
  • 2. R. Luongo
  • 3. D. Boyle


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