Saturday Links: Canucks Morning Java

Time goes by…so slowly…

Canucks fans and players alike are screaming, “Can we just get going already?”

It seems like Game 4 was an ice age ago but we have almost arrived at Game 5 which goes Sunday. Over the last week, we’ve seen Vancouver go down further and then start the ball rolling on a potential comeback and many people have had many things to say about it.

So below is a compilation of the best (and worst) Canucks related posts and articles and stories and blogs from across the interwebz. Check it.

What are the NWSB staff saying? (Click here first)

I will make this easier than ever for you to find out, instead of clicking one word like, “HERE,” just click anywhere in this sentence.

What are the LOCAL guys saying?

Province Sports: Luongo Handling Goalie Situation with Class says Daniel– One couldn’t blame Roberto for being a little ticked…or a lot about not getting the start in Game 4. By Jim Jamieson

The Birthing Whale says, "It ain't over til the fat lady sings."

Vancouver Sun: Benching Luongo Hardest Decision for AV says Bowness – Coach Vigneault has had to make a number of hard decisions but apparently none have been harder than putting in Cory over Roberto in Game 4.  By Elliott Pap

Province Sports: Schneider Canucks’ Top Dog, So Long Luongo – With Schnu getting the game 4 start, is Lu gone this off-season? I say yes!  By Jason Botchford

Vancouver Sun: Daniel Talks, and Talks More, so He’s Okay – His future was so much in doubt, at least in respect to the playoffs, but now back for one game, he’s feeling and looking better than ever. By Elliott Pap

Province Sports: Kings Nagged with Doubts after Game 4 Loss – Has the seed of doubt been planted by the Canucks? Will the Kings actually falter all the way to a 4 win comeback by Vancouver? By Tony Gallagher

Pass it to Bulis: Meet Moko, a Canucks Fan Parrot – This feathered friend is one freakin’ funny Canucks fan. By Harrison Mooney

Pass it to Bulis: Spitballin’ on Chris Tanev’s Glove, Creepy Sedins and Luongo’s Future – What to make of Lu’s future is one thing but what was someone thinking with this Sedin Sedan video? By Harrison Mooney

Smug Nation: What Gills and AV are Really Telling us by Starting Cory – Does it mean Luongo is outta here or is it something more devious? By Tyler Rowe

Canucks Corner: Nucks need to stop drinking Faderade – Maybe a little passion and heart would help these guys and that’s exactly what they brought in Game 4…well at least for the final 40 minutes. By Bruce Ng

Canucks Corner: Canucks Creed ~ A Little Faith Please – A prayer for the Vancouver Canucks. By Justine Galo

Canucks Hockey Blog: The Game (4) According t0 Twitter – How did the game shape out according to the twitterverse? By Lizz Moffat

Canucks Hockey Blog: Two Sedins Are Better Than One – Yes they are and the PP benefited in Game 4. By Victoria Pattison

Benched Whale: Which Edler do we get Tomorrow? – The D-Man has been up and down, hot and cold, yes and no in 4 games so far. Whick version of him can we expect Sunday?

Canucks Army: So you think you can Comeback (Infograph) – This is pretty cool for all you visual learners. By Matt Henderson

Nucks Misconduct: Calder Cup Playoffs Begin – How will the Wolves do with the assistance of Canucks 2011 1st Round pick Nicklas Jensen? Can they make a run for the Calder Cup with Eddie Lack backstopping? By GGooglyBoogly

What are the NATIONAL guys saying?

The Globe and Mail: Would the Canucks be able to trade Roberto Luongo? – It sure looks like they’re going to need to with this whole Cory Schneider scenario. By David Shoalts

The National Post: Vancouver vs. LA series will be Decided by Goaltending – Ironically, it will be without Roberto Luongo but Jon Quick and Cory Schneider have both been all world. Who breaks first? By Ben Kuzma

The Flying Plate of Spaghetti says, "Mamma Mia, Schneider the Starter?"

The Globe and Mail: Canucks Fans Happy to Cheer Another Day (Video) – What’s the feeling around Canucks nation? Comeback or no? Via CTV news

The National Post: Canucks want to see more from Mason Raymond – Is the winger’s time in Vancouver done? He isn’t making life easy on himself. By Jim Jamieson

What are the ENEMIES saying?

 Los Angeles Times: Kings Benefit from Sutter’s Varying Personality – Can Sutter be the difference by out coaching Vigneault? He’s done that so far. Is it beneficial in the locker room? By Lisa Dillman

Los Angeles Times: Canucks Need Stops, so Cory Schneider Tends to it – If the Canucks are to come back in this series, it will be largely credited to the play of the Canucks backup…err…starter? By Helene Elliott

The Morning Java will be posted regularly Wednesday and Saturday mornings (with some exceptions [SATURDAY ONLY in the playoffs]) so check us out then to find some of the best local and national Canucks material on the web!


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  • Hopefully the Canucks can take some inspiration from Pittsburgh. 

    • All games have gone the same way besides score. I’ll fret when Pittsburgh loses.

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