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Keep calm and carry on…one game at a time…

What the heck is going to take to beat the LA Kings in Game 3 on Sunday? The Canucks better figure that out quick because they would rather not go down three games to none and face a damn near impossible battle back to move on to round two.

What are the RILED UP NWSB staff saying?

If you’d like to find out click right HERE! If you’re just too damn pissed off, that’s okay too.

What are the LOCAL guys saying?


Province Sports: Canucks Smothered by Kings in BRUTAL 4-2 Loss – Game 3 goes on Sunday but the way the series is now, it’ll be more like a game 7. By Gordon Mcintyre

Vancouver Sun: Canucks Blue as Brown Wins Single-Handedly – Brown had not one, but two short-handed goals in this game to lead his team to a 2-0 series lead. By Brad Ziemer


The Birthing Whale says, "Oh dear!"

Vancouver Sun: Canucks Challenge Infinitely More Difficult the Longer Daniel is Sidelined – This team can win without him but it won’t ever be the same without Wonder Twin Powers. By Cam Cole

Canucks Hockey Blog: Around the Smylosphere ~ Lineup Changes – What did the team do to try and re-gain momentum pre-game two? By J.J. Guerrero

Pass it to Bulis: Alex Burrows Taunts Mike Richards – Burr was just being Burr during Game 1 as he really dug at Richard’s personal life. By Harrison Mooney

Canucks Corner: A Canucks Fan Stranded in a Hockey-Godless City – So who does a Canucks fan pray to in the most dire of times if no hockey god there be? Does that make any Yoda sense? By Justine Galo

Canucks Hockey Blog: The NHL Wheel of Justice is Back – How on earth Shea Weber got nothing but a $2500 fine for smashing Zetterberg’s face into the glass is a mystery. By J.J. Guerrero

Rob the Hockey Guy: What the Canucks Need to Change Before Game 2 – One question: DID THEY? By Rob…the Hockey Guy

Smug Nation: A Plea to Canucks Fans – Cheer! By Brian Beitz

SB Nation: Byron Bitz Suspended 2 games – This suspension was for his headshot on Kyle Clifford in Game 1 of the Kings and Canucks opening round playoff series.

Canucks Army: The PP Needs to Disrupt the Box – Not the penalty box and not Pamela Anderson’s, but getting through the Kings’ PK formations. By Patrick Johnston

What are the NATIONAL guys saying?


The National Post: Canada Has a Love-Hate Relationship with the Leafs – Wait what? I though Canada hated the Canucks. By Gemma Karstens-Smith


The Globe and Mail: Canucks Take it on the Chin and go Down 2-0 – The series shifts back to Los Angeles with the Kings holding all the momentum. By David Ebner

What are the ENEMIES saying?

 The Los Angeles Times: Kings Take 2-0 Series Lead – What do the Canucks have to do to solve the Kings in Game 3 on Sunday. One thing’s for sure, they’re going to need to. Via Associated Press

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