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Last night was of course Friday so maybe you were inebriated. Well here’s your cure; the NW Sports Beat CANUCKS Morning Java.

You’ll find all the most recent CANUCKS Stories, as well as some stuff on the ASG in Ottawa and we ask the question; What are the opponents saying as the Canucks face off against Chicago Tuesday after the All Star game.

What are The NWSB Staff Saying?

Obviously the NWSB staff have everything covered from the last Canucks game versus Edmonton to everything happening around the All Star Game in Ottawa, so check it all out right….HERE! << JUST CLICK IT AND NO ONE GETS HURT!

What are the local guys Saying?

Nucks Misconduct: Canucks All Stars Happy Together! – Team Alfie picked them all…but what about my poor CoHo? – By Jordan Clarke

Nucks Misconduct: Rosterbation Time – You heard that right…RosterBation! – By Sean Zandberg

Canucks Hockey Blog: Things That Make You Go Hmmm – What can the Canucks do to spice up the Super Skills competition? – By Clay Imoo

Canucks Army: Wolf Prowl – The Wolves were in Abby for two matchups this week; what the heck went down? – By Patrick Johnston

Pass It To Bulis: Aled Edler NOT in the Hardest Shot Comp. – What the frack Alfy? – By Daniel Wagner

Pass It To Bulis: Mid Season Report Card – The Canucks are back in Grade School and PITB are their teachers. – By Harrison Mooney

Province Sports: Perry to Canucks Rumour – This again? Well this time it’s a bit more intriguing? Could Schneider be on the move? – By Jason Botchford

Province Sports: Travis Moen to the Canucks Possible? – Interesting! Another Duck…well, former anyways. This HAB could provide some more depth for the Canucks. – By Jason Botchford

Province Sports/Calgary Herald: B-Mo to the Chi-Hawks after Calgary Deals Him – First Calgary, now Chicago? What’s next? Boston? – By Vicki Hall

Vancouver Sun: MacTavist Enjoying Time Behind The Bench – This guy spent so much time with the Oilers, then joined the TSN Panel and wound up with the Enemy Canucks’ farm team Chicago Wolves. – By Cam Tucker

Vancouver Sun: Kevin Connauton Lighting It Up in Chi-Town – The former Vancouver Giant is making huge strides and should the Canucks lose a d-man or two along the way, he could be one of the first few looked at for a call up. – By Cam Tucker

What are the National Guys Saying?

The NATIONAL Post: Timmy Thomas Can’t Shake Controversyy – After vowing to not make any more public statements last week, Thomas opened up on NHL All Star media day about his White House snub. – By Bruce Arthur

The NATIONAL Post: Five Burning Questions about the NHL All Star Game – How will the Canucks play? Will Thomas get along with Carey Price on the bench? How many goals will be scored? – By Billy Courtice

The Globe and Mail: Rick Rypien’s Story Shines Beacon Of Hope – His legacy lives on with the new MINDCHECK.CA. – By Gary Mason

NHL.COM: Skills Rosters – The title says it all; here are the rosters for today’s NHL ASG Skills Competition. What will your Canucks be taking part in? – By Dan Rosen

What are the Opponents Saying?

Second City Hockey: All Star Weekend Open Thread – Showin’ a little love for a Hawks’ blog but only because they’re taking one of our own in Brendan Morrison. Find their recap on the B-MO trade on their blog as well. – By Sam Fels

Chicago Tribune: Hawks acquire Morrison – Here’s an interesting look at the trade that went down Friday from a Chicago perspective.  – By Chris Kuc

The Morning Java will be posted regularly Wednesday and Saturday mornings so check us out then to find some of the best local and national Canucks material on the web!   


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  • B-Mo in Chicago is gonna be weird. Looking forward to tomorrow night.

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