Sharks vs. Canucks Game 48: Dear Milk Hot Dogs, Welcome!

Karma Is Upset

It’s been about three weeks since Kevin Bieksa cracked the whip on the San Jose Sharks by calling them, “milk hot dogs.”

The Canucks record since then is somewhat of a miracle given their play of late.

Canucks Karma - Motivation

At 5-3-2 in those 10 games, you might say the Nuckleheads are suffering from a little bit of karma.

They did have a 60 minute effort against Boston which was probably the best game of the bunch but let’s just say the Bruins bad karma outweighed the Canucks’ that night.

Anyhow, Vancouver’s shap  rating, if there is such a thing, has plummeted since milk hot dog gate and I for one, am very worried.

I mean how do the Canucks expect to beat the Sharks Saturday and in the playoffs potentially if they’re playing like a bunch of milts?

Yes, Joe Thornton does have something coming to him for the finger wagging incident but who else on the Sharks has really been a douche lately?

Ben Eager is gone (we have to deal with him in Edmonton though);

Logan Couture sounds…and looks 14 years old and;

Douglas Murray is a brute, but come on, he’s Swedish.

IKEA’s meatballs are tougher than the San Jose Sharks and people are calling out the Canucks?

You know what; I’m doing it now. I have stooped to Kevin Bieksa’s level and trash talked the opposing team. Maybe it was poor trash talking, but it was trash talking nonetheless.

I’m just saying the superstitious one in me thinks the Canucks need to take their heads out of their kaboodles and stop acting like children. I know it’s all in good fun and I am sure milk hot dogs taste really good, AND I KNOW the fans love it. Hell; I love it, but it’s just not good karma.

Though now that I think of it, pumping our opponent’s tires hasn’t really worked that well for us historically.

Sami Salo and Andrew Ebbett have gone down; the Canucks are scoring at a slower rate than McLovin and Kes just isn’t utilizing his wingers enough.  😉 😉

So what’s a team to do? Well you go out Saturday; looking to improve your home stand record to 1-2-0 so far and just be angry. Guys like Juice and Kes play best when they’re angry.

Frick, when was the last time we saw Robo-Edler? Ok, he’s on pace for about 60 points but he has done that rather quietly. I want to see Alex Edler vs Los Angeles circa 2009 Playoffs.

Canucks vs. Sharks

Then there's the entire sideshow with RK17 and AV; such a waste of energy.

I have to admit one good thing the Canucks have done is distance themselves from the Boston Bruins fiasco. Mud-slinging is an art of the bear clearly; rather than the Orca.

MOVING ON, Going into Saturday’s matchup, the Canucks are 2-0-1 against the Sharks (1-1-1) this season and this will be the 3rd meeting since December 28th.

It will be the final one of the regular season and there is a helluva good chance of these two teams meeting in the playoffs.

Always a great game, there is one key to winning Saturday. That is having the mindset of making a statement out on the ice.

I’m sick of hearing Ryan Kesler game in and game out saying all the cliche things after the game as to why they lost; especially games that they should have won.

You’re damn right you SHOULD HAVE WON. Then there’s the entire sideshow with RK17 and AV; such a waste of energy.

I could give you 5 keys to the game but it’s really much simpler than that this time around. The Canucks need to embrace the beast mode, if you will.

They need to inject themselves with some tiger blood and start winning. It seems to have worked for Charlie Sheen; and YES, I just went there.

For crying out loud, when was the last time Keith Ballard delivered a monstrous hip-check?

These are not the Canucks we have come to know and love.

Why on earth is Dale Weise focusing on us bloody bloggers? Stick to your freakin’ day job man, at least you’re A LITTLE bit better at it than tweeting.

The Canucks of late are losers; as Mike Cammalleri would probably say. I wouldn’t say that. Hehehe!  The only reason they have won five of the last 10 games is because of superior raw talent compared to their foes.

There have also been some exceptional performances from the likes of Roberto Luongo and Cody Hodgson.

Now don’t sit here and try and tell me fatigue is a valid excuse for why the Canucks lost to Anaheim. My keester! The Canucks are known for having great sleep doctors working for the organization and this whole “so many games” argument is just getting old.

One thing I would love to see because I know it would give a message to the players is the fans booing them off the ice at the end of a loss. What better way to get them fired up? If you think that’ll make them all depressed; you’re dead wrong.

These guys play to win the game, and hearing it from the fans that they are sucking more than a pornstar is a sure fire way to light a fire under their butts.

I know hockey. I get it. Players get tired. I GET IT. All that being said, the Canucks are a better team than San Jose and come Saturday AFTERNOON, Kesler with his milt and Juice with his shap better kick some milk hot dog ass.

Take note of the afternoon start time. Puck drop is 1:00 pm on Sportsnet Pacific.

Yes, CBC cheaped out AGAIN.



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