GAME 40: CANUCKS & Sharks Can Have Resolutions Too!

Things Are Heating UP

Everyone wants to improve themselves somehow right? Maybe you want to lose a few pounds this 2012. Or maybe you want to travel to somewhere you have been.

It doesn’t matter what it is to be honest, as long as you actually fulfill it.

The Vancouver Canucks and San Jose Sharks both have some things they should aim to improve on in 2012.

Some are obvious, such as winning a Stanley Cup.

But some are not so obvious and so in honour of Monday night’s tilt between the Sharks and Canucks to kick off 2012 for both teams.

Here are the Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for said squads.

1)  SHARKS: Beat the Canucks

It was May 20, 2011, and the San Jose Sharks defeated the Canucks 4-3. Since then, the Canucks have dominated in four games, allowing only two goals by their opponents in each game.

Sharks vs. Canucks

Sharkbait? The Canucks overall record versus San Jose in 2011 was 7-1-1.

Four days after that win by San Jose, their Stanley Cup hopes were dashed as Kevin Bieksa sent the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Besides that, the only other time San Jose defeated Vancouver in the calendar year of 2011 was January 20th. Maybe the Canucks just can’t beat the Sharks when the game is on the 20th of a month.

Anyhow, the Canucks overall record versus San Jose in 2011 was 7-1-1.

To top that (maybe), these two squads battled it out five days ago in what was most certainly the best game of this season to date.

This is now a solidified rivalry that can only flourish, especially with both being slotted into the same conference starting next season.

2) CANUCKS: Sanitize the Locker Room After Each Game

Exhibit A: Chris Higgins

Staph Infections are essentially caused by otherwise harmless bacteria on your skin that gets into cuts and open wounds.

Chris Higgins had incredibly bad luck in 2012 with this type of malady. It even stretches back to his days with Florida. Obviously, someone’s not washing properly or Higgy is using towels in the locker room showers that have been…used.

Maybe Gillis can hire some scientists to come in every night and sanitize the place because you should not be getting a hand the size of a basketball from a simple slash.

On a side note, the Province Newspaper reported today that Chris Higgins has declared himself fit to play Monday night.

3) CANUCKS: CONTINUE to Embrace The Hate

Now I know New Year’s Resolutions are supposed to be things that you start doing in the new year. I just figure that the hate factor is only going to escalate progressively towards playoff time, so the guys should prepare for the worst.

Of course, it’s best they embrace it and use it as a motivating factor in their quest for the holy grail.

We’ve seen it the last few nights, especially in games against Detroit, LA, and San Jose. Teams love to hate Vancouver.

Let’s be honest; it all stems from jealousy and the fact teams HAVE to get up every night they play the Nucks.

San Jose Sharks vs. Vancouver Canucks

Juice said it best. They’ve got a few milk hot dogs over there.

Monday night could spell the continuance of a chapter with San Jose that is beginning to feel more and more Chicago like.

4)  SAN JOSE: Stop Being A Bunch of Milk Hot Dogs

Juice (Kevin Bieksa) said it best. They’ve got a few milk hot dogs over there. It starts with the Captain and works its way down the lineup I’m sure, but let’s focus on Jumbo Joe.

What he did the other night by putting his finger in Henrik Sedin’s face was what I can only imagine is the perfect definition of being a milk hot dog. I guess it’s the Canucks family friendly way of saying douchebag. But seriously, Joe Thornton needs to be classier than that.

If I’m General Manager of say, Team Canada and I see Joe doing that in an NHL game; I don’t care how well he’s playing. He is not on my national team with that type of tomfoolery.

Obviously the next Olympics aren’t until 2014 but with the way San Jose is trending, Jumbo could be a pick for the World Championships squad.

While only 2 points off the division lead and 3rd in the Conference, San Jose goes into Monday night’s game in 10th place with 42 points.

5) SAN JOSE & VANCOUVER: Enter the Realm of Chicago

As mentioned, the Canucks and Sharks rivalry has begun a heating process that is only going to continue. Should the two meet again in the playoffs this season and should the series go longer than 5 games, we could really be in something similar to what the Canucks have going on with Chicago.

We are already so lucky to have a team that features some of the best players in the world.

And I guess I can’t deny that San Jose does have some world class talent as well.

So wouldn’t it be a treat for fans of both teams to have a rivalry that rivals that of Chicago and Vancouver?

Basically I am just saying that if you call yourself a fan and aren’t excited about how this rivalry has flourished in the last 8 months, then you are crazy.

Here’s to another series between the two this Spring.

While you’re here on our site, check out my piece on The Best Ways To Get Back At That Drunk Sharks Fan.

San Jose at Vancouver
When: 8:00 PM ET, Monday, January 2, 2012
Where: Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia

Once again, Happy New Years.


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  • i predict a 3-2 shootout win for the sharks.

    hansen and cody will score.

    just my prediction.

  • i predict a 3-2 shootout win for the sharks.

    hansen and cody will score.

    just my prediction.

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