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The storyline for Saturday’s contest with the Buffalo Sabres was expansive. The Zack Kassian/Cody Hodgson fallout, the return of Christian Ehrhoff, Ryan Miller’s first game in Rogers Arena since it was Canada Hockey Place, the expansion cousins of 1970, an actual game on Hockey Night in Canada…this game had it all.

Unfortunately, it was over in the time it took you read that sentence.

The quick Sabres strike to start the game versus the Canucks turned this into an exhibition match with some interesting individual components but not much in the way of actual suspenseful hockey. Roberto Luongo, meanwhile, must be listening to Daft Punk on his seawall runs because it turns out he is human after all.

Let’s get to the Love Em/Hate Em for the Buffalo Sabres vs. Vancouver Canucks.

Love ‘Em

1. Zackassian

One of the game’s bright spots was the dominant play of Zack Kassian who not only scored his first with the Orca but also commentated after the game that he would have gladly traded his two points back for the two points of a win.

Kassian was also endearing on After Hours, all shy and nervous like he hadn’t just been a destroyer on the ice. He even name dropped Todd Bertuzzi as a role model.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

2. DJ Booth

David Booth, whose middle name is really seriously Jonathan, was the other bright spot with his pair of goals to ostensibly spark some life into the Canucks. Of course he also made a brutal pass to allow the Sabres to ice the game, but let’s focus on the positives people.

Namely the sexiness of a Booth-Kesler-Kassian line. That has Kate Upton potiental.

3. Gragnasty

It’s sort of strange how Kassian took Hodgson’s old number and Marc-Andre Gragnani took Christian Ehrhoff’s old number as well. Stranger even that the blueliner played and Ehrhoffian role by going wherever he damn well pleased on the ice, especially during powerplays.

Somewhere Keith Ballard is crying double standard.

I’m not quite sure what to make of Gragnani yet but he’s certainly more intriguing than Alex Sulzer, who had to get traded to actually play at Rogers Arena.

Hate ‘Em

1. 5 Weekes of Mark Lee

Mark Lee, whose salary I pay, is a horrible commentator. The CBC let Chris Cuthbert go during the lockout yet retained Mark Lee.

David Booth

Booth was the a bright spot on Saturday night. - (Photo by Rich Lam/Getty Images)

It’s inexplicable. Especially paired with Kevin Weekes, who somehow thought his outfit last night was “swag”, it’s amateur hour for the West coast every week and it’s enough to almost make me buy into the East coast conspiracy thinking.

Meanwhile, Leaf fans somehow complain about Jim Hughson. I had to think about this one but I’m pretty sure I’d take Hughson over Lee in a nanosecond.

Considering the Canucks kicked off five straight weeks on Hockey Night In Canada, somewhere the ad department of Team 1040 is celebrating.

2. Oh Brothers Where Art Thou?

Paging Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin….

After a weekend of crushing the Leafs and Oilers, the Sedins are apparently not over their slump one bit.

They’re only pace for only 80-85 points and this certainly doesn’t bode well if the trend isn’t straightened out by the playoffs.

Should I be scared?

3. Cody Cody Cody

Cody Hodgson‘s text denials in the Vancouver Sun were weird enough but his on-air dancing with Scott Oake was absolute proof that Cody Hodgson has learnt well from his father, a cabinet minister for Mike Harris.

His non-answers, while skillful, are pretty damning evidence that his camp came to the decision to rescue poor Cody from the despair of competing for a cup and learning from two of the best centres in the game.

Of course he’s still played enough games for Vancouver this year to qualify for a cup ring if the Canucks successfully seek Stanley, which really should qualify Rich Winters for one too.

The last thing I’ll say about Cody is this: own up to your intentions kid. We raised you and parents always know when their offspring are lying.

Here’s looking at you, kid.


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