Canucks Riot Update: From Miss Congeniality to Misdemeanors

Vancouver Riot Revisit 2.0

If the game had gone differently, if the Sedins or Luongo had stepped up, 62 people who have been charged in the post-game 7 Stanley Cup riots would have been leading entirely different lives now.


For example, lets look at Vancouver fan Sophie LaBoissonniere.

Did I spell that right? Man that’s a mouthful!

On January 7, Sophie LaBoissonniere was crowned Miss Congeniality at the Miss Coastal Vancouver Pageant.

On June 15, LaBoissonniere was allegedly rioting after the Canucks placed second in their own beauty pageant.

On December 14, she’ll make her first appearance in Provincial Court.

The 62 were hoping for the greatest night of their life and now they’ll be haunted by their actions for the rest of their lives.

June 15, 2011 will go down as the greatest gut punch in the history of Vancouver.

It was supposed to be a coming out party, a celebration of 40 years. Instead it was hard to say which performance was uglier: the one on the ice or the one off the ice.

Many of these rioters are young adults. They’ve only known this team since the Markus Naslund era.

I have no idea how they would have handled the 80s.

As misguided as it was, it came from a place of passion. But we need to grow up.

We need to have respect.    

Vancouver Riots Update

Canucks Post-Riot Update: From Miss Congeniality to Misdemeanors

It hurt. I get it.

With five minutes left in the third, my buddy and I got up and walked out of the bar and started wandering towards the harbour.

We sat there for about 20 minutes and didn’t move or say a word. It was that sobering sports realization where you remind yourself that there is absolutely nothing you can do to influence the outcome of a game.

I felt so powerless. I would have done anything if it would had helped the Canucks win that game.


Even flipping over a police car.

But we have to let it go.

If you didn’t believe in the back of your mind all Spring long that the Canucks would find a way to screw this up you haven’t been around long enough.

  • We have to learn to lose graciously.
  • We’ve had enough practice.
  • What a season we just had.
  • These are just first place problems.

I’m sure Sophie LaBoissonniere would like to have that night back.

On January 7, 2011, she wrote a post on her blog, “tonight I brought home The Miss Congeniality Title and Royalty award’ at the last Miss Coastal Vancouver pageant.”

She added that she is a young woman ‘aspiring to become an interior designer.’

Good luck with that Sophie, hope it all works out for you.

I am sure you’d agree for everything the Canucks have done for the community, the city, and the province they deserved better than to be indirectly responsible for millions of dollars of property damage and be the butt-end of jokes across North America.

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