Riley’s Canucks Rant & Raves: Rational and Irrational Anger

Off My Chest

This week, things that bother me about the Canucks, their fans, and the NHL in general.


A complete lack of David Booth articles.

I feel like I don’t know anything about the guy. Was he sad to leave Florida? Did the media in Vancouver surprise him? Was he excited to be here?

Because he’s American, can we give our now “All American” second line some kind of catchy nickname?

Did he attend the morning optional skate? Did he contribute to the oilers? Is he the missing piece?

Seriously, there hasn’t been enough coverage about this guy, I need to know more about him.

For those in the media who clearly have been derelict in their duty, here are facts that I want to know:

  • What color his toothbrush is
  • Boxers or briefs
  • The number of seconds he spent on the ice during his time in Florida when he wasn’t thinking about golf
  • The best “booth” related joke he’s ever heard
  • His relationship with every other NHL player. And I mean EVERY one. Don’t forget the fourth liners in Phoenix, just because no one comes to their games, doesn’t mean they aren’t a real team.
  • His favorite brand of beer or vodka

There are lots of other ways to write articles about Booth, the media has BARELY touched on him. In my obsessive need for immediate information, I will continue to rant about Booth until I know EVERY DETAIL ABOUT HIS HOCKEY CAREER, PERSONAL LIFE AND WHERE HE FITS INTO THE COSMOS GRAND DESIGN.



Vancouver’s Goalie Controversy

The only upside of the Vancouver media being saturated with David Booth stories? The fact that it pushed Luongo and the goalie controversy out of the media for a few days. But believe it or not, it came back.

Listen, as a fan I understand the debate.  I understand that we don’t have to trade Schneider, that we really can’t trade Luongo, and that we could play both all year.

I understand that nothing short of a cup will save Luongo’s reputation, and that he could be compared to Patrick Roy if we traded him.

 Canucks Rant

Riley's Rant & Raves: Rational and Irrational Anger

Every Vancouver fan who regularly reads the sports pages in British Columbia, am well aware of every angle of the controversy, because it honestly has been dissected to a point that people will look back on old newspapers in 100 years times and write graduate theses on this cities obsession with Luongo.

I would like someone to please find out how many articles have included the words “Luongo” in their title since he arrived here.

If Vegas had a line for this, I would take the over no matter what.

And what’s more, this issue is divisive. It has always been divisive and there is no way it can be resolved to make everyone happy.

If we split playing time between the two, the media will continue to assault Luongo, his confidence will be shaken, and Cory Schneider won’t know if we plan to trade him or force him to stay.

If we play Luongo more, than there will be calls to trade Schneider, and when he goes people will grumble that now we have no Plan B.

If we play Schneider more, people will grumble about Luongo being on the bench and wasting his cap space, he will want a trade, and then more rumors will shake up the team.

The media in Vancouver is incapable of not talking about this goalie controversy, which is so stupid considering that most of the articles are complete duplicates of one another.

The team needs to come up with a solution by trading one of the two, and soon.

I don’t even care which one, or what we get back for him, I just want one of them gone and the media to let it go. Focus on something else, anything else.

David Booth anyone?     

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