Rational and Irrational Anger: Riley’s Rants and Raves

Ranting on Canucks & NHL

Things that I need to rant about this week:

Sidney Crosby

Seriously, how is he this good? I know that he was shut out in the second game, but that opening goal against the Islanders? Un-freaking believable. What are the odds on him winning the Art Ross trophy this year? I bet Vegas is keeping them pretty high, just to be safe.


Admission: I don’t watch that much hockey outside of the Canucks. I’ll watch a good match up if there’s one on TV, or the odd playoff game sometimes, but usually if the Canucks aren’t on, I won’t bother.

The exception? Crosby. He’s the Lebron James of hockey, except he actually wins and isn’t totally self-absorbed.

Which means they’re actually not that much alike at all. Hmmm. A better comparison? Lionel Messi. The ball (puck) is always under his control, he always sets up his teammates and he can score when it counts.

It’s good to have him back. This was my only positive rant. Now I get angry.

Ryan Kesler

Complaining about people criticizing your victories? What are you, five years old?

You’re playing in a big hockey market for a team that’s underperforming. And you haven’t exactly been on fire this season. You don’t like what people are saying? Grow a pair. Or demand a trade to Florida. They won’t care about you there, and you can be mediocre if that’s what you want.

Otherwise, buck and start playing like a star again. Pathetic. (Canucks)

 Canucks Rant

Riley's Rant & Raves: Rational and Irrational Anger

The Oilers beating the Blackhawks (and the Canucks defense. You’ll see the connection in a second)

It’s not that they beat the Blackhawks after the Hawks gave the Nucks a whooping. It’s that they won with FOUR defensemen who they had to call up from the AHL due to injuries. And they STILL managed to keep the Hawks to only two goals.

Vancouver’s defensemen are roughly 10x as good as those four, and yet they still can’t seem to put a good performance together. Figure. It. Out.

Talk of another potential lockout

Just thinking about this brings my blood pressure to dangerous levels. Apparently there are issues over sharing financial information? And the owners feel that the player’s salaries have gotten too high?

What was the point of the last lockout if YOU NEED ANOTHER ONE A MERE SIX YEARS LATER. WTF!! Was nothing productive solved last time?

If both sides have any brains they’ll begin negotiating immediately.

If they are slacking, they should take a close look at the NBA and see what happens when you drag your feet.

If there are issues, start negotiating NOW so that you have lots of time to work out the problems.

The NHL has lots of casual fans who will jump off the bandwagon and watch something else if hockey isn’t on. Don’t. Screw. This. Up.  

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