Rational and Irrational Anger: Riley’s Rants and Raves

Ranting on Canucks, their fans and the NHL

Lack of Consistency Overall

Have you been betting on Canucks games recently? You probably should stop. There is no identifiable trend, no rhyme or reason to their season so far. Their record is mediocre.


Their play has covered the spectrum from horrendous (shutout by St. Louis and blown out by Minnesota) to phenomenal (big wins over Washington and Chicago) and few players have been consistently good or bad.

As a result, the local media (myself included) is going crazy trying to make predictions or find trends that we can talk about. Just when it seems they’re going down, they find a big win.

When it looks like they’ve found their play from last year, they forget to show up the next game.

What. The. Hell.

Canucks, make up your mind, either suck so that we can call for drastic changes, or be good and start looking like the team from last year.

Being in the middle sucks, all it means is we’re headed for a first or second round exit and a mediocre draft pick. It’s been 15 games; pretty soon it’s time to figure out who you are this year.

 Canucks Rant

Riley's Rant & Raves: Rational and Irrational Anger

 The NHL Not Being Willing to take Steroid Allegations Seriously

George Laraque recently stated that he knew players who were taking steroids while he was playing. The NHL gave a vague non-response and then ignored the issue.

I can’t believe that after watching the Sammy Sosa/Barry Bonds/Mark McGwire spectacle in baseball that the NHL won’t take this seriously.

For instance, did you know that there is no testing allowed in the playoffs or offseason? During that five month period players can basically do whatever they want?


Why is this not a bigger deal?

In a physical sport like hockey, steroids would be a HUGE advantage, why aren’t we testing for them during the PLAYOFFS!?!?

Does anyone remember what happened when it all came out in the MLB? It totally de-legitimized a decade of baseball accomplishments. Player records were seen as false, championship teams were questioned, Hall of Fame nominations were debated as invalid.

Even years later with new rules, everyone mutters when a player suddenly has a spike in performance.

The NHL and the players union should recognize this and start looking at serious testing all year round.

It prevents them from a scandal like the one that rocked baseball, and eliminates any threat to the legitimacy of its stars and champions.

If the NHL is content to keep its head buried in the sand, it will only hurt itself. And no one will have any sympathy when it happens.

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