Five key reasons the Vancouver Canucks must keep Roberto Luongo

Bingo Bango Bongo

This is the first in a two part series featuring Josh Hall and Kevin Vanstone debating who the Canucks should keep in town for the 2012/2013 NHL Season…between the pipes anyways.

Dear Vancouver Canucks fans,

Why have the Canucks never won a Stanley Cup?

Do you know the answer?

I do.

Want to know?


The Roberto Luongo situation is nothing short of a travesty. I probably wasn’t the only one who thought when Roberto was acquired from Florida that his presence may wash away the notion that Vancouver is a goalie graveyard.

Here’s another little anecdote

I remember the day the Canucks announced the life-time deal that would keep Bobby Lu a Canuck through to age 43. At the time, I spent a lot of time on the Canucks Dot Com message boards.

One of the first new threads to pop up was entitled, “With Luongo signed long-term, Canucks Guaranteed At least one Cup in next 13 years!”

Think about that for a nano-second (it should only take that long to sink in) and we’ll carry on. No promise I will stay calm though.

So with Bobby Lu all but on a flight to Tampa Bay, here are 5 damn good reasons to KEEP Roberto Luongo INSTEAD OF Cory Schneider:

Roberto Luongo

#1 in our programs; maybe not so in all of our hearts: Bobby Lu


“Señor, it y’s a team he’s committed his heart to,” said the Mexican hockey analyst.

It was September 2nd, 2009 when Roberto Luongo signed a 12 year life-time deal to play with the Vancouver Canucks. This came after 3 solid seasons in Vancouver where he earned 20 shutouts combined.

The guy just turned 33 years old and has a much more diverse resume than Cory Schneider, including having been Captain of this team.

How would you like it if a guy or gal 7 years younger than you came along and threatened to take your job even when you’re still perfectly capable?

To boot, this younger person is just stepping into the industry with mild early success. Trust me, that’s all it’s been for Schneider. So he’s had two great seasons as a backup goalie.

I’m not saying he’s not exceptional, but think about what great feats the skaters on this team have achieved over the last two seasons. It’s been a pretty easy go for Cory Schneider.

It may be a business, but’s it’s simply not the fair way to do things.

There’s a reason Roberto was given a no trade clause: he was the man Mike Gillis wanted going forward deep into the future.

Gillis has said he’ll never ask a player to waive, but if he does end up asking the Italian Stallion, he’s just as gutless as the next guy. Hence proving that NTC’s are the cancers of contractual agreements.

Bigger Return for and Easier to Trade Schneider

Going back to the age factor and this time it plays even more in Luongo’s favour if in fact he is to stay here. A guy dubbed recently as minimally better, but 7 years younger will get a much better return than a guy who while still young, isn’t getting any younger.

It’s not unimaginable to believe that Roberto Luongo has 4-6 more years of stellar goaltending in him. Martin Brodeur has done it, so why can’t Bobby Lu?

More on the Brodeur factor, who is second best in the career win & shutout columns for active goalies behind only Brodeur? Yeah, Roberto Luongo.

He is the real deal and always has been but the fact remains that Cory Schneider will get a better return in a trade because of his age.

With the Canucks not likely being quite the contender going forward, isn’t getting back as much as possible a requirement?

There is no shame in taking the easy way out. Either way, Mike Gillis is going to have an all-star goalie at the helm next season and the one after that. There’s no question trading away an RFA would be much easier than trading away a guy signed through the next millennium.

Knowing he’ll get more for Cory should make it an even easier decision for Mike Gillis.

Why not send away Cory Schneider to an eastern opponent we’ll hardly ever see and just be done with it? It’s been done with Cody Hodgson.

One thing’s likely, teams across the board won’t have to pay Schneider as much as they would be paying Roberto Luongo right off the bat.

The Boston Jinx

Who is the Vancouver Canucks most hated team? The Boston Bruins. So why would we ever want our long-term heir apparent to be a native of Massachusetts? The young ginger jesus grew up cheering on the Boston B’s and played at Boston College.

The Canucks have already been cursed to not win a Cup for their first 41 years. What makes anyone think having a Boston born and bred goaltender ruling the crease won’t prolong the jinx the Hockey Gods have so blatantly bestowed upon us?

It’s a bad idea because once Cory Schneider hears the term ginger just 10 more times, he will snap and demand a trade. By then, we’ll have already traded Luongo and really…what good have we done to exile both super star goalies?

Out of Context

The Canucks had their locker clean-out day this past Tuesday and players spoke to the media before taking off for the summer.

Cory Schneider, Vancouver Canucks

Schneids; may as well give him the C with all this hoopla. (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Cory Schneider made one peculiar comment with regards to how the season ended with nothing more than a President’s Trophy:

“It was a step in the right direction.”

What was a step in the right direction Cory? AV and Gillis finally making you the starter? I bet you liked that. I bet it’s what you’ve always wanted was to be the starter here and see Luongo, your brethren in backstopping falter and be fed to the wolves for the umpteenth time.

I thought you were better than that, but now that we’re all aware of your malice towards Roberto, let’s just be done with it and have you head to the east.

We don’t need someone with your train of thought in this locker room.

If you’re still reading this and didn’t find the sarcasm in this last point, good luck in life. Memo: levity is good.

Roberto Luongo is Better

Let’s start with where Roberto was at the age of 26. He’d played in 5 NHL regular seasons including 4 with the Florida Panthers. Over those 5 years, he faced an average of 31 shots per game, more than most, if not all other goalies at the time.

When has Cory Schneider EVER faced that type of adversity at any level including most importantly, the NHL? Never. Stay with me because the beat goes on.

Roberto Luongo is a proven man at his money making occupation. He’s got an Olympic Gold Medal, which despite popular belief in some parts, he did play a major part in securing.

Roberto Luongo has been to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final. This is where the idiot “fans” come in who blame HIM for the loss. How is a goalie supposed to win a game when his teammates don’t score a single freakin’ goal?

Oh Roberto Luongo has faced many more pressure packed situations than Cory Schneider and if the Canucks did somehow move on from LA to the 2ndround, there’s no telling when and where Cory would have cracked. Maybe he wouldn’t have but their fate would have been a lot more certain with Roberto in net.

Mike Gillis

This man has a very tough job this off-season.

Roberto is a man of integrity and not to say that Cory isn’t but when has Robby Luo ever reacted to something in a negative way? He’s handled the fiasco this week with utmost professionalism. Even when Luongo cried after being eliminated by Chicago a couple years back and last year after Game 7, I want that emotion in one of my team’s biggest leaders.

Cory Schneider doesn’t have a track record in that department. Do you go with the unknown or the well known?

His brain isn’t made of china either as the haters like to believe. Besides anything else, he’s lasted in this flippant town for six entire years.

Oh it’s so much easier when the rest of the team is winning isn’t it Canucks fans? But when they lose out in the first round, it’s all the goalie’s (singular) fault for not being able to score.

When will this city learn?

“I’ve loved being here the last six years…you’re a starter, a competitor, and you want to play…I didn’t want to put myself ahead of team.”

You’ve pushed away the man who many thought was the Chosen One for Canucks nation and I’ll be damned if Cory Schneider doesn’t suffer the same fate within the NEXT six years. Good luck Cory, you’re going to need it.

Yours truly,

A Roberto Luongo supporter


If you haven’t yet check in with why Kevin thinks its ok to go with Schneidz.


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  • Adam Nowek

    I agree so harsh. I just wish the only article I’ve read yet to defend Luongo’s legacy in Vancouver wasn’t full of dozens of grammatical errors that make this read like something you could post on CDC. Sigh.

  • Whitney Fordham

    It breaks my heart when I hear so called “canucks fans” blame Luongo for the entire team’s performance. I can’t imagine how it must feel to walk in his shoes, being constantly criticized. I certainly wouldn’t be able to perform under that kind of pressure.

  • vancan19 bad.

  • All this talk of Luongo making a list of teams to go to serves another purpose – increases Schneider’s trade value…

  • Hubbabubba

    I will be the 1st to admit that I am not a Luongo fan. Until the series with our loss to LA. He was all class, all team, and played well. We couldn’t score. I like Cory, but the reality is that Luongo is the guy that got us to the big dance.

    • Indeed and Cory may do the same but Lu is not getting a fair shake.

  • Great article Josh!

    I’ve been wondering if I’m the only one who thought that after the Canucks couldn’t find the back of the net in game 3, management looked at the team and decided that there was nothing that they could loose by playing Schneider.
    This was the opportunity to drive up his off-season trade value even further with every successful minute of playoff hockey helping future negotiations. It’s so unlikely for a team to come back from 3-0 down it makes sense to use the remaining time to drive up the price on your available assets.Trading to address the needs of the club is the most likley ask for either of the goalies. Given the way the Club handled the Schneider situation all season, as I see it, all the signs point to them having made very calculated decisions to ensure they get their asking price on the best asset we have in the system. Gillis hinted in his end of season press conference that this was how Cody was packaged for the right player in return, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the season long plan with Cory as well.

    • With the rumours today that Luongo asked out in his exit interview with Gillis partly dispells the notion of driving up Schneider’s trade value.

      I didn’t think he would ever end up in Toronto but that looks like a distinct possibility.

      • I can understand why he would want out. This city is unbelievable in it’s expectations of a goalie being the only line to a championship. I envy Detroit some days in their ability to get by all those years with Chris Osgood between the pipes. Their fans ability to live with it and realize the whole team plays a part in winning and losing it’s not just what you have in the crease.

        • So true. Watch Luongo take whatever team he goes to straight to a Cup.

  • I for one am excited by the opportunity to break a new goalie’s brain.

  • But yeah the Luongo hating is so tired at this point. The playoff meltdowns exist, but only because he got the team there in the first place.

    15 playoff wins is pretty damn good and I think Schneider couldn’t have won with the support of just 8 goals in 7 games.

    Between this year and last year can we start blaming the goal-scorers?

    Oh wait, we’ve made Ryan Kesler our shiny new escape goat.

  • I got my Devil’s Advocate on with Schneider. To be honest, I think the Canucks should have gone into this season with the intention to keep Luongo all along while inflating Schneider’s value much like Cody Hodgson. Nice post.

  • gilles paquet

    thank you finally some one puts into words what i feel i was so happy when we traded for him,. finely had a true number 1 goaltender. its like we get one good goaly in the past how long  and suddenly every one think we can blame him for the team losing. idc what any one says greatest canucks goaly ever you say he chocks but look at every one kesler has one good round then sucks sedins didn’t really preform why does lou get the short end why cause most posters are under 25 and dont remember the days when we had shit for goal tending. id rather have lou backing me then some one unproven like cory, sorry for bad grammer and spelling kinda bin drinking

    • Drinking = acceptable excuse. I appreciate you reading and taking the time to comment. Thanks a lot.

      You’re absolutely right. This is why Luongo plan and simple deserves better than what he gets from the fans here. People like you and I are few and far between in the grand scheme of things because there are just too many bandwagoners who only think they know about hockey when they really don’t. 

      To be fair to under 25 year olds, I am turning 23 tomorrow actually so there are some younger people who know the Canucks modest and yet rich history.

      It’s too bad Roberto probably won’t be a part of making Canucks history coming up.

  • cwby

    luongo, should stay, they just need more consistent shots on the goal when they play tough teams.

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