Rational and Irrational Anger: Riley’s Canucks Rants and Raves

Crazy Train

This week, things about the Canucks that drive me CRAZY.

Four powerplay goals against the Bruins

What, you think this is a good thing?


The Canucks managed four goals against the brilliant Tim Thomas in a relatively meaningless regular season game.

Yes, it pushed them up in the standings and yes it felt good to win against the team that punked us in the Stanley Cup Finals, but besides that it showed how @#%ing terribly the Canucks played in the Finals last year, where they were approximately 0-421 on the power play.

And don’t give me that crap about how this is a different team, the Canucks key players still should have stepped up last summer when it counted.

And no, I’m not bitter.

Cody Hodgson

Does anyone want to trade Cody Hodgson now?

The letdown after the Bruins win

I get it, they were excited. And also, they were in Florida which is a great place to party.


If you need to go out and party after a big win, get up the next day, pull up your socks and beat the middle of the pack teams like Florida!

And don’t let Tampa Bay steal a point from you in the last minute of the next game!

It’s not about the points, its about pride!

People who thought that Hodgson and Schneider could be traded away in a package

Does anyone want to trade either of them now?

For the price they’re two of the best players in league at their respective positions. No trades Gillis, unless you can wrangle a big #1 defencemen who will sign a multi-year deal.

Even then, I’m not so sure.

These two are the real deal.

Canucks Rant

Weekly Canucks Hockey Rant

Brad Marchand

I could write a whole rant just on him alone.

I generally am not a big fan of all the rough stuff in hockey these days, and this is why. Hits like this can end a career, as was pointed out by Vigneault after the game.

Salo has severe concussions symptoms, and he’s lucky it wasn’t worse. It’s not as bad as losing Crosby, but I’d give those two points back in a heartbeat to have a healthy Salo in the process.

And Marchand took to ESPN to defend himself in a blog post that shows that he feels absolutely no remorse.

I wonder what he would score on the psychopath test?

The worst thing about it is that HE’LL DO IT AGAIN. Almost certainly. I would be willing to bet large amounts of money Marchand gets another suspension before the Bruins finish their season.

He just doesn’t get it.

Fortunately, Shanahan’s suspension of five games was pretty steep, and he got a chance to make an example of someone who so clearly deserves it.

I hope the next person gets 10 games.

It’s time to add some weights to the Shanahammer.


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  • Cody Hodgson, that’s how this is a different team than last year.

    With Hodgson anchoring the third line and propping up the 2nd PP unit, they’ll score more when it counts.

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