Rational and Irrational Anger: Riley’s Rants and Raves

Oh Timmy

This week, things that drive me crazy about the Vancouver Canucks, scheduling, and Tim Thomas.

So the Canucks played a riveting game on Tuesday night, and now they will have AN ENTIRE WEEK off to twiddle their thumbs.


What a great schedule.

They currently are in the midst of a six game stretch of home games that will last almost three weeks. I can’t emphasize enough how stupid this is.

What’s more, the Canucks now will play two thirds of their games at home, which is great but it means they started the season the other way.

We are lucky to be as good as we are, a weaker team could have been crushed by that start.

Time to fix these scheduling issues.

Canucks Rant

It's not about honoring Obama, its about honoring the President of the United States.

Oh and also, we almost lost to the mighty, mighty Oilers. That’s a good sign. WHAT THE HELL!

The Canucks are in line to potentially repeat their Presidents Trophy season, but they have to take care of business against these weaker teams.

Anything else is BULL@#$.

Oh and I’m glad Booth decided to make an appearance. He sat out long enough, he owes us a 20 goal season.

Man up David, get focused and keep this streak alive.

Also, I almost became a Republican when I saw Obama smiling with a Bruins jersey. Makes me sick to my stomach. But then I thought for a second. If I was a Republican, that would make me like Tim Thomas, who chose to exercise his democratic rights by not attending the ceremony.

This was both stupid and pointless.

His stand does not change anything, it does not say anything new about Obama. It does not say anything that Republicans have not been saying for three years. It was an insult to his team, and a tradition that has been honored by hundreds of athletes who had the grace to put aside their personal feelings.

It’s not about honoring Obama, its about honoring the President of the United States.

That should have meant something to the only American on the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.

That’s it for this week. I’d have more to rant about if there was more happening for the Canucks.


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  • Don’t quite understand your scheduling rant. First, it’s just the all-star break and second a ton of home games down the stretch should leave you smiling.

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