Rational and Irrational Anger: Riley’s Canucks Rants and Raves

LOSING is a BIG Deal!

This week, some things I hate about the Canucks and the NHL. Actually, it’s mostly two really big things, and I’ve mentioned them before.


Still, just thinking about them brings my blood pressure to dangerous levels.

1. Canucks lack of consistency

WOW! After a typical slow start, the Canucks ran off a fantastic nine wins in ten games.

Things were looking up right? WRONG. We win some big games over good teams, and then suddenly drop close contests to the two worst teams in the NHL.


A measly one point out of a potential four? Seriously, this is a big deal.

Not a season altering big deal, but definitely a sign that this team is not as strong as it was last year. Last season’s superior Canucks team ALWAYS won those tight games vs inferior team. Even on off nights.

That’s what great teams do. They win when not everyone is playing well, or when guys are out with injuries. The Canucks aren’t doing that, and it should be a serious cause for worry.

Those lost points are more than just lost points.

They are a sign to the rest of the NHL’s bottom feeders that they can catch the Canucks on an off night and take some much needed points.

Points that the Canucks will need if they want to win that President’s trophy again, or at the very least take back their division from the #$@%ing upstart Wild.

2. Canucks Schedule

So between now and March the Canucks have been delegated to mostly week night games.


When the schedule was made we were still considered one of the top teams in the NHL, if not the top team.

Wouldn’t you have put the Canucks on Friday and Saturday nights as much as possible?

Canucks Rant

Canucks Lack Consistency: A measly one point out of a potential four? Seriously, this is a big deal.

We are one of the biggest markets in the league, and also apparently the “most hated team”, so wouldn’t that translate into huge ratings?

No no, what makes more sense is to take one of the best and most polarizing teams in hockey and give them a lot of Tuesday night games.

Huge fail NHL schedulers.

3. Concussion and Injury Issues

Pronger out for the year. Crosby missing a few games “just to be safe”.

The Canucks going through a massive rotation due to injuries. Welcome to the NHL in 2011! I’ve said this before, and I’ll keep saying it until something happens. NHL players are bigger, stronger and faster than ever before.

This is the result of major revolutions in training, nutrition and technology that have occured at an accelerated rate over the past 20 years.

Unfortunately, during that period we have not developed bodies that are significantly stronger to keep up with the level of violence and ferocity in sports.

And I use the term violence seriously.

These guys are 200+ pounds, they can move at 30mph and they carry sticks and an expectation that they need to be tough. It is not remotely shocking that so many people are getting injured, its just shocking that nothing is changing.

Don’t believe me?

Or think that I’m a wimpy pacifist.

Take it from Ken Dryden, who wrote a brilliant article about this same issue here.

He discusses the issue far more convincingly than I ever could.

You can view the official Canucks injury report here.

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  • hey remember when the canucks dropped two straight to edmonton late last year?

    i think they’ll be fine.

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