Pavel Bure – Vancouver Canucks one true Hall of Famer

What A Week Eh?

Vancouver Canucks fans were torn on Monday night as The Russian Rocket was inducted into the Hockey Hall Of Fame.

When you consider all that Pavel Bure brought to Vancouver, it is easy to see and understand why emotions are torn about seeing the high scoring forward receive such an honor.

For those who disliked Bure’s attitude towards the franchise when he left town, put your own personal agenda aside and honor Number 10 with a slow clap.

For those who support Bure and his hockey career north of the border, his place in the Hockey Hall of Fame holds special meaning for a variety of reasons

1.  He Was A Canuck

While Cam Neely, Mark Messier, Igor Larionov and Mats Sundin have all be honored, none spent more than three or four seasons with the Vancouver Canucks, with their fame and accomplishments coming from their tenure with other teams.  Bure on the other hand spent his highlight years in Vancouver, setting records and collecting awards as a member of the Canucks.

2.  Put It Up

Being honored by the HHOF leads to almost forcing the Vancouver Canucks front office to hold a celebration for Bure at Rogers Arena.

It would be ridiculous for the rest of the hockey world to celebrate the Russian Rocket’s achievements and not see Bure’s jersey hanging in the rafters with Stan Smyl, Trevor Linden and Markus Naslund.  At the very least, find Pavel a place beside Harold Snepsts, Thomas Gradin, Kirk McLean and Orland Kurtenbach.

For the Canucks management and owners to snub Bure’s accomplishments is a disservice to the history of the franchise and fans. Let’s be honest, Vancouver fans have had little in terms of “flash” to celebrate and call their own over the years.


It’s the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Not just the NHL hall of fame.

Yes Linden is a city icon and Naslund is the franchise all time scorer, but when it came down to capturing the hearts of fans, Bure filled the seats.

3. The Mecca

It’s the HOCKEY Hall of Fame, not just the NHL HOF, therefore it is only right that even though Bure has his name on the Calder Trophy, was a participant in multiple NHL All-Star Games and an NHL First Team All-Star, his place in the International Ice Hockey Federation HOF helps build merit towards his selection.

A multi-time medalist in the World Junior Championships, the World Championships and the Olympics, Bure helped build the game of hockey worldwide.

4.  Must See Entertainment

He may not have been the “best” all-round player during the decade of the 90’s, but he was easily among the most “must see” players of his generation.

Back to back 60 goal seasons, back to back 100+ point seasons, three 90+ point seasons.

Had Bure remained healthy, he only played a full season three times (two with Vancouver), there would be little doubt that he would be mentioned in the same breath as some of the more household names in the NHL.

As a member of the HHOF, Bure may finally be receiving his just due.

5.  Nuff Said


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