Mike Gillis Finally Announces…Nothing in Particular

Typical Canucks Presser

Anyone who tuned in to Mike Gillis’ press conference expecting a big announcement about a potential coaching change or any other move is probably feeling quite disappointed.

But given the history of this team, it was clear that any moves the team makes will likely take more than two days after the season ends.

Overall, it was the usual year-in-review press conference with the same clichés about how we didn’t play well enough and that we need to improve, but there were some interesting tidbits here and there.

On potential personnel changes:

“We’re going to do a thorough review of every element of the organization over the next period of time. Five years ago we came in here and reset the organization and it’s time to do it again.”

On Vigneault:

“Like everyone else, he’ll be evaluated for the way this season went, for the way last two seasons have gone, particularly in the playoffs, with myself at the forefront.

Alain is a great coach. I can’t think of another team who has gone through the tragedies we have over the past four years.”

On whether Roberto Luongo should have started Game 3 and 4:

MIke Gillis Canucks

Gillis was a bit hush-hush on the topics we wanted to hear. (Photo: Vancouver Sun)

“I don’t know. With hindsight you are always 100 per cent correct. The coaches coach the team. They are all involved with making decisions.

I don’t disagree with those decisions. Cory [Schneider] is an outstanding young player and he indicated that he was ready to play.”

On chances of Roberto Luongo being back in the fall:

“I think it’s unlikely”

On location of AHL affiliate:

“I can’t say where that team may end up at this point. We’re in active negotiations with a couple of different places.

On salary cap/young players:

“The cap is going down by 10%. We have to have young players in the system and develop them at the National Hockey League level…We like Kellan Lain, the young guy we signed, we like Brendan Gaunce, Frank Corrado.

We’re going to be moving in that direction and we don’t have a choice. We have to go that way.”


There wasn’t much about this press conference that really intrigued me, but my ears did perk up when Gillis talked about the young guys like Kellan Lain, Brendan Gaunce, Nicklas Jensen, and Frank Corrado.

From what Gillis said, it sounds like these players and others in the Canucks system are going to be given a very long look in training camp and will have a good shot at making the team.

Guys like Maxim Lapierre and Mason Raymond, who are UFA’s in July, could very easily be deemed expendable.

And with the absolute necessity of trading one of our goalies, the likely buyouts of David Booth and Keith Ballard, and, hopefully, Gillis finally firing coach Alain Vigneault, this team could have an entirely new face come next season.

Now remember the last time that Gillis “reset” the team in 2008, that resulted in signing Mats Sundin and Pavol Demitra (R.I.P.) at ridiculous contracts and acquiring Steve Bernier, Shane O’Brien, and Kyle Wellwood, who all greatly underperformed and at times were in the coach’s doghouse.

Let’s hope that this “reset” of the Vancouver Canucks goes a little better than last time.


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