Canucks: Vancouver looking to trade Cory Schneider for Kyle Turris?

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A few weeks ago, if I told you the Vancouver Canucks would start the season slowly, you probably would’ve assumed Roberto Luongo was the problem and that Corey Schneider was in line for more playing time in goal, right?


Well, the Canucks have indeed started slowly, but it may surprise you to learn that Schneider may or may not be on the trading block.

With Luongo signed until the next millennium and center Ryan Kesler still working his way back from injury, Vancouver may need to move the highly regarded Schneider for immediate help up front.

Reportedly, the Canucks and Coyotes are involved in serious negotiations at the moment.

Cory Schneider

If Van moves Schneider, I hope it gets more than just Turris

Prospect Kyle Turris may be their main target.

I’ve heard separate rumors saying that the Coyotes will send Vancouver Turris and that Vancouver will send Phoenix Schneider, but i haven’t read both names in the same rumor.

We thus don’t know if this is a one-for-one swap.

I, for one, hope it isn’t. Turris has had ample opportunity to establish himself as a top-six NHL forward and hasn’t. Schneider, meanwhile, has played like a solid starting NHL goaltender whenever given the chance.

It may sound crazy – but I’d much rather see Vancouver target Shane Doan. Hear me out.

Yes, I know Doan is past his prime, but dealing Schneider essentially proves that Vancouver is trying to win now, so why not get a guy who will help them win now?

Doan would undoubtedly fit in as a top-six forward and would provide a great locker-room presence, not to mention the toughness that Vancouver reportedly seeks.

Phoenix would get its goaltender of the future and, as a rebuilding team, probably wouldn’t anger its fans by dealing its franchise pillar.

Here’s hoping that, if Vancouver moves Schneider, it gets more than just Turris, who looks like a bust so far if you ask me.

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  • Rocco13

    “Phoenix would get its goaltender of the future and, as a rebuilding
    team, probably wouldn’t anger its fans by dealing its franchise pillar.”

    What a laughable quote! I suppose you’d be OK trading Kesler for a second-string goalie and assume YOUR fans wouldn’t be too angry? Doan may not put up 100 pts, but he’s still a 60-70 pt guy, and does a heck of a job as captain, on the ice and off.

    Schneider looked good in the playoffs, for sure, but overall he’s not much of an upgrade over Mike Smith and Jason LaBarbera. Maybe his potential has more upside, but right now it’s a wash.

  • MJH

    Doub’t you’d get a 21 year old Turris for Schneider straight across when Schneider will be a UFA at the end of the season and Turris still has huge upside…as for getting Doan, every heard of this thing called a salary cap?

  • Sainteff

    I am so sick of Canadian hockey fans dissing the fans in Arizona.  You act like just because the sport was there before it came here, you have more knowledge & are more entitled to your opinions being recognized as the final word.  That being said, I agree that Schneider for Turris is a lopsided deal.  However, to suggest that Coyote fans wouldn’t be upset about losing Doan is pure ignorance.  Not to mention the fact that Doan has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t want  to leave.  Why don’t you just let the GM’s do their job and quit trying spectulate yourself into an “I told you so” situation?

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