Canucks: Did Methot’s hit on Henrik Sedin highlight the need for an enforcer?

Are Gino or Brash Available?

Marc Methot’s vicious hit on Henrik Sedin during the Canucks’ victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets last night raises some interesting questions.


For one, should any of the Canucks have stepped in to defend Hank? Kevin Bieksa claimed that “we tried” but that the team had to stay disciplined because “it’s a close game.”

Aaron Volpatti suggested that, “If he’s not going to drop the gloves, you can’t take a penalty.”

I’m actually tempted to commend Vancouver’s players for that type of reaction, as they’re right.

Retaliating against an agitator who refuses to fight back is what caused the Todd Bertuzzi/Steve Moore carnage.

Steve Ott

Steve Ott Could fill a Raffi Torres role, and add toughness

However, it’s tough to shake the image of Vancouver getting bullied – not just last night, but in the Stanley Cup final last year.

For argument’s sake, let’s look at a few possible trade targets – all forwards, so they could theoretically play with the Sedins – that would help Vancouver protect its stars a bit better:

Chris Neil, Senators: No one could pry him away last season but maybe the Sens’ 0-2 start has Ottawa and Neil himself rethinking his future.

He’s a tough guy who at least has some scoring touch.

Jamal Mayers, Blackhawks: He’s not a true heavyweight but Chicago may be fine parting with him for very little after acquiring Daniel Carcillo this offseason.

David Clarkson, Devils: Clarkson would cost more but, as a guy with multiple double-digit goal seasons, could even play the wing on a scoring line while protecting the Twins.

Steve Ott, Stars: His role has shrunk in recent seasons but the former first-rounder can still play.

He could fill a Raffi Torres role as a Wildman who can score the odd big goal, lay guys out and scrap when necessary.

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  • BCRazed83

    I’d love to see the Canucks toughen up, but don’t get me wrong, Kesler, Lapierre, Burrows and of course Bieksa are plenty tough. Problem is none of them can settle a score and not take a dimension away from the team while sitting in the box.  Whether that be pk, scoring, important faceoffs or defensive plays. We need a battleship but Ott has in the past hurt his team filling his own agenda.  We need a battleship before we will ever be cup ready. I don’t really see Neil being effective as a Canuck. He’s been a Senator for so long that he would likely float around in a “guess I’ll be retiring soon” bubble if he ended up here. Mayars would be good but having been a part of the bitter Nuck/Hawk wars, he’d probably rather cut his throat than play here. Clarkson would be the best add. But in the real world… Canucks will more than likely continue watching their stars getting manhandled and run at and continue saying “Don’t worry boys we’ll get revenge on the scoreboard!” Wonder if the Pronger or Lindros families have any more boys that we could interest in playing hockey real fast 

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