Top 10 Vancouver “Moments In Time” | The 2011/12 First Half

The Highlight Reel

Not to be confused with the Urban dictionary “Highlight Reel”…

Although it started in a very mediocre fashion, this season is shaping up as another memorable event.

The team has looked much better since November, and after struggling through a grueling first half with some tough match-ups, and the recent far flung road trip through Massachusetts, Florida and Missouri, the remaining schedule looks a great deal friendlier.

Here are my ten Vancouver Canucks “Moments In Time” highlights of the first half.

10. Vancouver fleeces Florida…yet again

As a child you may often have been told that money doesn’t grow on trees.

Well, Canucks players certainly do grow among the orange groves of Florida, and once again Vancouver has profited with the addition of David Booth (who is growing with the team), and the loss of the skating in mud Mikael Samuelsson and Marco Sturm.

9. Ebbett

Andrew Ebbett pots two goals against the Oilers

Stories of marginally talented players who are willing to outwork more skilled ones never get tired.

Despite his injury, his three goals and an assist reflect the tremendous energy he brings to every appearance.

8. The Weiseguy

 Dale Weise goes end to end to score against the Senators. Weise has been an underrated pick up by GM Mike Gillis.

Many Canucks fans were clueless when he was added to the pre-season roster, buT Weise has been an ever present on the fourth line and is willing to do whatever it takes (forecheck, fight, grind) to help the team win.

This goal was just reward for all his hard work.

7. A Hot Lou

Lou moves back to his best: Following Schneids strong run after Roberto Luongo struggled, Roberto has gone on an almighty tear, making the difficult save appear easy again.

6. Romer

Aaron Rome’ s scoring surge: Rome broke out in the fall with three goals in four games. He has recovered since his suspension against the Bruins.

Cory Schneider

Moments In Time. Ginger Jesus kept his cool through all the craziness...

5. AV

Alain Vigneault becomes the all time wins leader as Canucks coach: AV is not only the greatest coach in team history with his personable, calm demeanour; he also has the career wins, as well as the best ever team winning percentage to prove it.

4. Dank

Daniel Sedin scores the OT winner against rival St. Louis: It is also his 700th career point and 100th power play goal.

3. Hank

Henrik Sedin breaks Canucks Iron man streak: His 535th consecutive game breaks the previous record held by Brendan Morrison.

2. M-Ray

Mason Raymond returns from a fractured vertebrae:

The Canucks speedy winger returned against Nashville six months after being injured by Johnny Boychuk of the Bruins.

He is skating as well as ever, and is now also going to the tough areas.

1. Schneids

Cory Schneider wins in his return to Boston:

Ginger Jesus kept his cool through all the craziness and penalties and flat out kept the Canucks in that game, earning the win.

The game had the best atmosphere of any NHL match this season.

Leave a comment below Canucks Nation, and tell me what are your favourite moments in the first half of this season?


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  • I think you should have mentioned COHO. For obvious reasons. He has been one of the Canucks best players and arguably the best rookie in the league so far this season.

    • I can’t wait to see Cody in the playoffs. He’s going to eat bottom pairs alive.

  • In fact, COHO deserves AV’s spot. He has completely proven him wrong in every department. Additionally, AV has that career record with the Canucks due to the amazing players he has playing for him. Remember when AV coached a defensive style and MG made him change that up…BECAUSE of the players who were on the team. Yea. 

    All in all, a good summary of the season so far.

  • As long as Booth isn’t completely horrible, turning a HUGE mistake in Sturm and a busted Samuelsson into Booth might be Gillis’ best move as the GM.

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