Canucks Gameday: What the Canucks need to do to beat the Wild

Time to bounce back

After opening the scoring six seconds in to Saturday nights game against the Detroit Red Wings, the Canucks allowed five unanswered goals before scoring one more in a 5-2 loss. The Vancouver Canucks are back in action tonight and need a bounce back game.

The amount of times I’ve said that this year is probably pretty alarming, but that’s the way the season has gone so far. In town to face-off against the Canucks are the Minnesota Wild.

This game is important for a few reasons: A win and the Canucks bounce back and forget that they lost again to the Red Wings for a second time this season and they capture possession of first place in the North West division.

Coming into tonight’s game the Canucks are currently sitting in seventh place.

One thing after another

Just when the Canucks string together a couple of much needed wins they play a game like they did on Saturday. I can’t think of a game starting with as much promise as that one either.

Wild vs. Canucks

Remember when the Canucks would walk all over the Wild?

A goal six seconds in to the game is a great way to set the tone, something the Canucks at times have struggled with this season. It didn’t go well after that and even though they were only down 2-1 after the second period they couldn’t find a way to win.

A lucky goal here, a well placed shot there and before you knew it the Canucks had allowed five unanswered goals before Alex Burrows adds one late in the third period. Top that all off with David Booth being injured and it’s just another game along the way for this team that has struggled to find a consistent intensity this season.

Tonight’s game will be a much needed win.

What the Canucks need to do to win:

Would the Canucks power play please stand up?

Do you remember when the Canucks would get a power play and you knew there was a good chance of them scoring a goal? I do, but it seems like it was ages ago, in fact, didn’t Dave Babych play for them at that point?

Maybe I’m being a little to dramatic, but lets be real here –

The power play has been dreadful this season, in fact I would say dreadful is the nicest way I could say that it has sucked ass. 11 games without a goal and none on the last 30 attempts! 30!

That is unreal and makes you wonder at what point does the team have to do something to score with the man advantage? Either way, if they’re going to come out of this on top, that damn power play has to show up.

Not just another game

While we’re taking a trip down Memory Lane and remembering things that were almost a lock, why don’t we talk about the Wild? Remember when the Canucks would walk all over them and the North West division?

Well, those days are apparently over. While the North West isn’t anything to write home about, the Canucks haven’t had a strangle hold on it like they have in years past.

In fact, if you had told me that on March 18th the Canucks would be in 7th and heading into a game against the Wild for top spot in the division I might have slapped you and pulled your hair, but here we are, so maybe I need the slap and hair pull?

Either way, the Canucks need this game tonight to regain a bit of a cushion in the North West.

A win in regulation would be better.

Score early, often and please, don’t sit back

I’m starting to sound like a player in the middle of a media scrum. I’m saying the things that they’re saying and not doing. The team hasn’t been able to score a ton of goals this season. Whatever the reason may be, we don’t know.

The Nucks haven’t had the first line running at their usual rate, the second line isn’t a second line right now, compounded by the fact that Ryan Kesler just can’t catch a break, it makes it worse.

The Canucks just need to score a lot and often tonight and from here on out! The season is more than half done and the Canucks are dangerously close to being on the outside looking in.

Take the lead tonight early, add two or three more to it and play solid defensive hockey. Seems simple, but here we are talking about it.

My tips for the game tonight: Revive the power play, don’t play this like it’s any other game, there is much more at steak and score some goddamn goals. A 7 goal outburst should spark the team, or should have. Anyways, if the Canucks can do this, they can win.

At least I hope so.


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