Game 42 (PART 1): “Canucks Conversations Josh & Kev Talk Lu & Schnu”


Two of our Vancouver Canucks bloggers here at NWSB Josh (@vancan19) and Kevin (@flyingVhockey) sat down at their keyboards and discussed who should start in net for the Canucks versus Boston on Saturday.

Josh’s Part 2 (Keys to the Bruins Game) Is Here.


Don’t you even dare say this was scripted.

Josh: So Kevin, The Canucks play this Saturday eh!

Kevin: And Canucks fans have had this one circled on the calendar for a long time.

Josh: Safe to say riot police will be deployed on the streets of Vancouver?

Kevin: There’s no doubt the city will be out of bed and on high alert Saturday morning.

Josh: Fair enough. Now let’s cut to the chase. It’s a Stanley Cup Final Rematch in probably the more hostile of the two venues. The big debate going in is who should the Canucks start in net? Bobby Lu or Cory Schnu. What say you?

KevinConsidering how hard Roberto Luongo has struggled in Boston, the Canucks give themselves the best opportunity to win Saturday by playing Cory Schneider.

Roberto Luongo & Cory Schneider

Who gets the start in Beantown? Lu Or Schnu?

The backup is ready for his own starting role somewhere in the NHL, and can easily handle the gig in Boston in order to save Luongo from a potential meltdown.

Josh: Hmmm…aren’t you sending your #1 the wrong message though? Say the Canucks meet the Bruins once again in the SCF, Lu has it in his head that his coaches don’t quite trust him to win a game at TD Gardens.

Kevin: Therein lies the rub, Luongo’s numbers on the road in Boston are atrocious, which makes Schneider the smart pick for Saturday’s performance.

However, Luongo’s status as the long-term starter in Vancouver should be unquestioned.

A Championship worthy team must face their fears and start Luongo with all the confidence in the world, despite a shaky past.

Josh: So if Schnu starts and wins; the Canucks meet Boston in the SCF again; are you starting Schnu in whatever games of the series end up played in Boston?

Will Ginger Bricks even be here come the playoffs?

Kevin: If I’m Alain Vigneault, I don’t want any doubts about who I’m starting, road or away, come playoff time. So I treat Saturday like a playoff game and start Luongo ahead of Schneider.

Josh: There is the hometown factor that has to come into play here. Cory being from Marblehead, Massachussets and all.

Kevin: I do like the hometown factor on Schneider’s part, but feel the importance of giving a vote of confidence to your starting goaltender takes precedent over Schneiderman’s home turf.

Josh: Very true. Also playing into Lu’s hands is what do the fans want? This rivalry now is particularly about a few different sub-rivalries:

Lucic-Kes; Marchand-Burrows; THOMAS-LUONGO

Kevin: Exactly, with all expecting Thomas to start Saturday vs. Van, backing down from last year’s epic goaltending duel in the SCF would be cowardly on AV’s part, to the point of potentially embarrassing his #1 goaltender.

Mike Gillis has made it clear he intends to keep Schneider for the playoffs unless given an offer he couldn’t refuse. AV has to make it clear that he and the team have confidence in their goaltender whether home or away.

Josh: Indeed, indeed. Now do we see Gary Bettman play the part of Dana White and bring Lu and Thomas up to the podium; stand fists to fists? LOL

Kevin: Considering the animosity between the two teams, a little UFC flavour can be expected out of these two teams. The hate is at an all time high, from the crease outward.

Josh: Too bad Aaron Rome likely won’t slot in due to his broken thumb, not that I like him or anything, but he would certainly add a potentially violent element to the game.

But I digress;

We agree?

Kevin: Absolutely, Aaron Rome’s toughness will be sorely missed, but I expect Mason Raymond and co. to step up the intensity.

Josh: We the jury find Alain Vigneault should be guilty of Starting who on Saturday?

Kevin: His starter, Roberto Luongo. Alain Vigneault must start his best goaltender over the long term despite a bad history in Boston.

Sorry, Cory.

Josh: Ok we sentence Roberto Luongo to a potentially scathing 8 goals against and deflated tires. But we can hope he keeps it to zero.

Can I get a Hell YEA?

Kevin: Hell, yeah that’s exactly where Luongo could be headed.

Josh: ROFL; Alright Kev, this was good. Any predictions on the score for Saturday before we sign off?

Kevin: I’ll fearfully support the starter and say he wins the goaltending duel versus Tim Thomas in an even and ugly 3-2 win for the Canucks.

And you, sir?

Josh: I’ll only say I like your prediction; I don’t make my own; kinda superstitious. You understand.

Kevin: Hockey’s a superstitious game, I understand. I just hope Luongo can find some Massachusetts shoreline before Saturday.

Josh: Cheers to that. Alright man, have a good one. TTYL.

Kevin: You too, enjoy the weekend.

Kevin Vanstone – “The Flying V” (Read Kev’s blog here)

Josh Hall – “VanCan19” (Read Josh’s blog here)


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