West QF Game 5 Kings Vs. Canucks: Comeback Phase 2 is a Go

Bar the doors…

Judging by the demeanour of Canucks fans since winning what we all hope is the first of four in the first round, an outsider may think that it was actually the 3rd or even series clinching victory.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be happy and optimistic because certainly, our team dominated for the better part of Game 4 but it just seems we’re overlooking the fact that we still only have a 12% chance of surviving. Twelve percent is less than a 1 in 8 chance for all you non-math types.

So just to re-hash what’s already been said, our chances still suck more than Brad Marchand’s nose would if it were a vacuum.

What do the Canucks have to do in Game 5 to continue this roller coaster ride? It’s pretty simple really; score more goals.

Oh, but please, allow me to elaborate. How may they come by said goals?

sedin canucks

I like this. (Photo - Danny Moloshok/REUTERS)

Ready, Set…

They can begin with actually trying to do something besides picking their own noses in the first period. Wednesday night’s opening 20 displayed a Canucks squad that looked sleepier than a fairly well-known hollow.

It was shocking, pathetic and disgraceful that they would even try and dupe (not doop) the Kings by playing like crap in hopes LA would take them lightly the rest of the way.

Yet, that’s exactly what we all hope this was through the first 3 and 1/3rd games; a decoy of abilities. Perhaps the Canucks have just been yanking all our chains this whole time and have planned all along to have a comeback worthy of the silver screen. So basically, it’s gut-check time from second one until the final horn.

The Penguins

Much like the wise Emperor penguins of Antarctica, the Vancouver Canucks are now on a march to hopefully remember. The two series have gone the same way each game, notwithstanding the scores of course.

Pittsburgh and Vancouver were both favourite when all the final seeds shook down but both found themselves in two-doughut holes (see what I did there) after opening the round in their respective home arenas. Each team then proceeded to fall down three-buzz and in need of comebacks from three down #4 and #5 in NHL history.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Pens won Game 4 in a game that saw their stars come to play; Malkin, Crosby, Staal and Fleury. On the other side was Daniel and Henrik and STARTING netminder Cory Schneider. The resemblance is uncanny, kind of like horse crap and Brendan Shanahan’s suspensions.

Pittsburgh has won game 5, so you can bank on a game 5 victory for Vancouver. I’ll be the first to fret when or if the Pens lose.

Common Sense

For the sake of my sanity and pretty much everyone else’s, can AV not just go with what is tried, tested and true?

For example, why the H-E-Double hockey sticks was David Booth with the twins on Wednesday. It didn’t wind up hurting the team, but it certainly didn’t help them in any way, shape or form. Daniel and Henrik need Alex Burrows by their side and maybe more for the Canucks’ success, Burrows needs the Sedins.

kings canucks

No Kings Allowed (Andy Friis - Canucks Playoff Wizard Sticks)

This kind of move has been at the forefront of this series as Vigneault put Andrew Ebbett with the twins in game one over the already proven successful linemate Max Lapierre.

If I’m not mistaken, he even had Jannik Hansen with Burr and Guzzler on the 2nd line Wednesday. If you’re so in love with Hansen-Pahlsson-Higgins, LEAVE IT ALONE. I guess they hadn’t done much in 4 games and Mason Raymond was a sad excuse for a hockey player so I’ll cut him some slack on that one.

What else is somewhat disturbing though is the inconsistency of the 4th line. Does anyone want to know why it’s so inconsistent or more like invisible? It’s because it’s NEVER the same three players. Each game sees one guy out and a new guy in. How do you build chemistry or momentum or get anything going down there, even hitting, when there is no familiarity?

Hitting can be affected by this because when you go to make a hit, you leave yourself at risk of being caught out of position. If the three guys aren’t familiar and are hitting at the wrong times, you get breakdowns and scoring chances against, if not goals.

Dale Weise is expected to draw in for Zack Kassian.

BEST BET TO WIN: Vancouver Canucks

I’ve said Vancouver each game and with good reason. They have momentum, they have Pittsburgh and they have their best player back. It’s a win-win-win…win…win? Yeah, they’re going to win.

Puck drop is at FIVE PEE EM PACIFIC on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada and TEAM1040 Radio.

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  • The Penguins took Game Five at home, I’ve got faith the Canucks can too. Their series ending in six doesn’t exactly a good omen, though.

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