West QF Game 2 Kings vs. Canucks: A motherly memorandum

Kings lead series 1-0…

If Wednesday’s Game 1 Canucks loss left you sick to your stomach, trust me, you don’t want to know what punishment was given to Shea Weber for his head to glass smash of Henrik Zetterberg.

kassian canucks kings

More rough stuff to come going forward. (Photo - Ben Nelms/REUTERS)

But since I brought it up, he was given a $2500 fine, the same amount he keeps in his pillow-case each night.

Anyhow, let’s get down to the business that is Game 2 which goes Friday night at Rogers Arena. With the Kings’ win in Game 1, they now officially lead the season series three wins to two. If you think that matters are all, you are completely mistaken because clearly, being President’s Trophy champs doesn’t guarantee a game 1 victory either.

Do you know who is definitely sick to her stomach though? Ryan Kesler’s mom. Growing up provided us all with valuable life lessons that were meant to guide us through said life with good morals and strong values.

Some of the Canucks seem to have missed out on a few of those maternal memos and now find themselves, as mentioned, down 1-0 in their West Quarterfinal series against the Kings.

So what lessons can this team reminisce about to help them win Game 2 and get back in the series?

Play Nice

One of the first motherly lessons taught to all of us was to play nice with others. In game 1, the Canucks did not play nice. In fact, they played downright undisiciplined.

Don’t get me wrong; the refs made some questionable calls on Wednesday; in particular the call on Ryan Kesler for half snowing but not really doing any harm to anyone. Then there are the two over the glass delay of game penalties, which is whole other article, but that penalty really needs to be removed or altered somehow.

Then there’s the part where the Kings didn’t only get powerplays, they had 5-on-3’s and a 5 minute powerplay. Credit to the Canucks, they almost killed that major off without being scored on, but…they didn’t.

On top of that, Zack Kassian took a charging penalty and Byron Bitz carelessly hit Kyle Clifford in the head which has led to a hearing with Brendan Shanahan Thursday.

The idea of playing nice is because if you do, good things will come; like dominating at even strength, which they did.

I’m Going to Count to Three

We all remember our mother saying this at some point. I’m counting to three and if you haven’t done what I told you, it’s a timeout for you in the naughty corner. Well right now the clock is ticking on Vancouver as they have 60 minutes Friday to even up the series. Do that or else they’re heading northbound on a southbound railway.

Said wrong direction is two games down in a series and now having to play the next two games in the home building of the team who has so far embarrassed you.

So clean up your act Vancouver or it’s soon going to be 4 months in the naughty corner AKA the golf course.

Just don’t get Caught

This one is for the dads out there because a mother would never teach her son that it’s okay to cheat if you don’t get caught.

kesler canucks

What Ryan was thinking Wednesday is up for debate but it wasn't good. (Photo - Jeff Vinnick/NHL/Getty Images)

Unfortunately for Ryan Kesler, the refs have tabs on his every dive…or do they? The slumping centerman who actually looked half decent Wednesday skating-wise faked a high stick to the face while bumping Jonathan Quick and allowing Alex Burrows to score the opening goal.

Now normally I would be perfectly okay with this but Kes, come on man. You look like an idiot with your gymnastics act. You may be a great player overall, but when you’re sucking and persist to play like a fool, you’re not creating any fans.

In fact, you’re losing fans. Even Vancouver hard-cores are calling you out the day after Game one. I think what Vancouver Canucks fans want to tell you most is just go back to playing like you can. We know this team can flip a switch, so flip yours.

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  • Ryan Kesler has to return to the form that won him the Selke, not the plays that have the rest of the league and its fans ragging on him.

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