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Lockout Blues? Frustration turns up the shapheat for Canucks fans

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As the NHL lockout rolls on a wave of cautious optimism has swept over Canucks Fans, creating a slight buzz surrounding back-to-back days of negotiations between the league and the NHLPA.

As Greg Wyshynski pointed out today, December 1st has become an important date on the calendars of hockey fans hoping for a shortened season to start sometime soon:

Via Puck Daddy:

A 70-game NHL season would still feel like a season, rather than the 1995 season that wore an asterisk like an albatross (and still does).

It may be long enough to drain ill will from fans, provide ample pay checks to players and build up some momentum for revenue growth.

If talks continue and a shortened season is settled within the next month, I wouldn’t be surprised if most NHL fans forgot about this whole ordeal by playoff time, but time is still ticking on what threatens to be another lost season. And while the doomsday scenario is far from a reality, the memory of an entire year lost still remains fresh in the minds of frustrated fans.

A bitter October without NHL hockey has left fans across the league irritable and irrational, and as winter fast approaches the thought of another no-puck November has raised off-season emotions to an all-time high. Wednesday Canucks fans witnessed lockout frustration manifest itself in the form of cowardly criticism aimed towards Mason Raymond.

“Coward: A person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.”

Regardless of your feelings towards the speedy winger, Mason Raymond is no coward. He suffered through a summer of hell because of his tireless pursuit of the Stanley Cup, and fans have never forgiven him for it.

Maybe it’s Raymond’s speed, or baby-faced smile, but for one reason or another Canucks fans have rarely given Raymond a fair shake, and after all he has sacrificed for his team I find it terribly disappointing to see such a stunning lack of support.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

The lockout hurts. Make it stop.

Troll tactics be damned, there is a certain line that exists within every sensitive subject, and Canucks fans trampled all over it today.

To sit behind a keyboard and launch baseless, derogatory comments towards an athlete who suffered through a potentially career-ending injury, now THAT is cowardly.

There’s nothing wrong with a little shap heat here and there to keep the hearts of Canucks fans warm, but there’s simply no reason to turn on the players that make up the team we support.

The lockout hurts, and despite the pain, most fans will tune in religiously once hockey returns.

Until that happens, I see no point in hanging our heroes just for kicks.


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