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The Kings Are Dead

To add another wrinkle to this weird Canucks season, it turns out the solution to the lethargy plaguing the team in 2012 was the subtraction of Daniel Sedin.

Far from being another nail in the coffin, the Canucks have won three straight since Daniel’s injury and looked poised to finish the season and enter the playoffs on a high note.

This team is more complicated than an Avril Lavigne song.

Let’s get to the Love ‘Em/Hate ‘Em for the Kings vs. Canucks game Monday night.

Love ‘Em

1. Manny

The game’s only goal occured just minutes into the first when Manny Malhotra snapped one just under the bar on a rush with Maxim Lapierre.

Again, as the only goal in the game, it was kind of an important one and Manny’s second game-winning goal of the year.

Goals have come few and far between for Manny this year, perhaps not surprisingly, but man o man is it ever uplifting when he scores.

2. Luongod

Malhotra’s goal stood up as the winner thanks to Roberto Luongo posting his fourth shutout of the season, a relatively easy one except for some last minute madness and a deft save of a deft deflection by Anze Kopitar that had Ray Ferraro speechless.

38 shots. 38 saves.

He even managed to survive the horrendous snow shower attack Kyle Clifford subjected him to that earned Clifford a couple minutes in the box. Apparently, we’re calling that again.

Felt good to see vintage playoff Luongo last night. No not that playoff Luongo, the other playoff Luongo.

3. Switch, Flipped

It seems as though the Daniel Sedin injury combined with the last two weeks of the season combined with being just two points back of the Blues for top spot in the West means its flip switching time and amazingly, they’ve pulled it off.

We’re not quite at playoff intensity yet, that goes to 11, but the Canucks are showing more jump and spark than they ever have throughout phone-it-in March.

So let’s get to the playoffs already.

Hate ‘Em

1. Sutter Brother

The Sutters are known for their comedy, I think, yet Darryl’s comments pre-game fell flat.

Kings vs. Canucks

When We Win...You Win! Kings vs. Canucks Love’ Em & Hate’ Em

I mean Simon Gagne isn’t exactly on the same level as Daniel Sedin, the ‘fitting us into their schedule’ comment doesn’t make sense as either a dig or a joke, and I think any Canucks fan could give you five reasons why this team will lose again. We take pride in seeing the rusted lining.

Probably misses his brothers.

2. Oh No the Powerplay

Cody Hodgson (remember him?) was a nice piece on the powerplay until he got traded. Daniel Sedin was a great piece on the powerplay until he got hurt.

Now, the Canucks best offensive weapon has been neutered, which means we’ll probably get a few more close, low-scoring games like this one where the powerplay can’t KO the opposition.

It also might give opposing teams more leeway to to attempt to abuse the Canucks knowing their turn the other cheek strategy doesn’t work as well with a deficient powerplay.

This could be an interesting storyline to follow.

3. Paging Zack Kassian

Is he…are you still here Zack? Where are you? Why isn’t AV using you?

You’re all Bruce Banner and I want more Hulk.

In the words of Warren Zevon, hit somebody!


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  • Ahh spring time hockey in Vancouver. Just as the team begins to play playoff-caliber hockey 5-on-5 the PP disappears. Good Gordie.

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