Sure are a lot of Italians on the Canucks these days!


After John Tortorella signed up to be the Vancouver Canucks‘ head coach, a pattern started to emerge in recent signings.

Enter Ben Ferriero. Brandon DeFazio. and Mike Santorelli. Then we had the retention of Roberto Luongo. Going back farther we had players on the roster in 2012/13 Frank Corrado, Tom SestitoAaron Volpatti and Steve Pinizzotto.

These Canucks are going Italian, either consciously or subconsciously, as the Aquilini family hits the mattresses to try to re-capture whatever it was that propelled this team through the spring of 2011.

It’s a subtle shift, where most of these depth guys will find their way in Utica this year, but a shift perhaps for the Canucks from Team Sweden over to Team Italy.

Perhaps it’s a way to smooth things over with Roberto, giving him an Italian posse to hit up places like Farina or Uncle Fatih’s or enjoy a cappucino on Commercial Drive while watching some Serie A. Hell, imagine next year’s Italian Day on the drive.

It can’t be for purely hockey reasons, because anyone who’s played NHL 99 knows the Italian team is a joke.

Surely they can’t believe that some of this is the key to a cup. (You Tube Video)

A shift perhaps for the Canucks from Team Sweden over to Team Italy

A shift perhaps for the Canucks from Team Sweden over to Team Italy

We can also go one step further and make the connection between the reputation of the Italian national soccer team for defensive play and diving and then go ahead and tie that into the Canucks of recent years.

Or perhaps the Canucks can identify with those famous Italian plumbers who fought tooth and nail level after level only to find their princess, or cup, was still out of reach.

Whatever the reason, the Canucks made them offers they couldn’t refuse and now these depth signings will hang around in Utica waiting for the call to help the family.

Some, like Ferriero, are loyal Tortorella-ites from New York. Others, like Santorelli, are shootout crack shots from Florida. All of them probably fueled on pasta or something.

All of them have a simple job, do whatever it takes to win a cup and help the Aquilinis further turn the Canucks into their own monetary printing press.

I, like probably many other fans, am on board with whatever may help the team reach that goal, whether it be signing pockets of Swiss, French, or even those charming Irish.

The cup, after all, is the spiciest meatball of all.


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