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The Canucks Alphabet

The latest in the NWSB Moments In Time series. Hope you enjoy this one Canucks fans. I take a look at the Vancouver Canucks in an A-Z format.


– Rogers Arena is the current home of the Vancouver Canucks organization.


– Dave Babych, a steady as she goes defenseman with the finest moustache in team history.


Canucks Nation: The Nation connotation, used for the ex-pat populations of sports fans that travel or live in other cities and continue to follow their home teams, may have first gained prominence with the Boston Red Sox. It is an apt description for the surging fan support that the Vancouver organization notes on their road trips.

Canucks Nation

Canucks Nation on location in San Jose.

On many nights in other arenas, it is Vancouver that seems like the home team.


Daniel Sedin & Henrik Sedin are the magicians behind the art of Sedinery.


– The West Coast Express was the powerhouse line that led the Vancouver Canucks offensive machine of the early 2000s, with Nazzy, Bert(uzzi) & Morrison.

They were featured in a memorable Sports Illustrated story as well.


Forty-one years of frustration, hopefulness and ecstasy as a Canuck fan. It is always worth it.


– The Griffiths family: classy local owners who helped build up the team on the west coast before the current corporate set-up.


Haters: You want ‘em, we got ‘em…in spades. Funny what success can do eh Vancouver?!


Injuries of the bizarre nature suffered by Sami Salo: low bridged by Brad ‘Ratboy’ Marchand, bitten by a snake in Finland (?!!!), & the infamous lost testicle.


Jim Robson was as classy a broadcaster as any in sports history and had that terrific mellifluous voice.


– Vladimir Krutov: A key member of the legendary Russian KLM line who late in his career dragged his overweight and overpaid behind to the west coast, en route to becoming the most epic failed signing in Canucks lore. Hereby known as ‘Vlad the Inhaler’.

Vladimir Krutov

Vladimir Krutov is the most epic failed signing in Canucks lore.


– Jyrki Lumme: The original magical Finnish defenceman.


– The 1915 Vancouver Millionaires were the hockey game in town long before the Canucks (and still lead the current edition by one Stanley Cup to nil).


– Markus Naslund was the archetypal gentleman Swede, as well as a great goal scorer and captain, who came to Vancouver from Pittsburgh on the positive end of one of the most lopsided trades in NHL history.

Where art thou now Alek Stojanov?


– Gino Odjick was a great tough guy, with a surprisingly good goal touch, who formed an intriguing and close friendship with Pavel Bure.


Pavel Bure was the shot of adrenaline that excited the Canucks team for the 90s. He was a pure scorer and skated like the wind.

Not always the best teammate, but the two time 60 goal man for Vancouver brought fans out of their seats like no one else in team history.


– Joel Quenville’s red face: Not a Canuck, but the blustery Chicago Blackhawks coach brought out the best in facial expressions through three terrific playoff clashes with the Canucks from 2009 – 2011.


Ryan Kesler when healthy brings a skill set and swagger package that sways the hearts of Canucks fans everywhere, especially the female ones.


– The ‘Steamer’ Stan Smyl was the first player that truly captivated the hearts of the Vancouver faithful with his all-out effort on every play.

stan smyl canucks

The Steamer


Trevor Linden is the heart and soul of this franchise. He made an imprint on this team that brought them respect around the league that was previously missing.


– Canucks used equipment sale: Now, you too can smell like a sweaty Alex Burrows by getting your hands on some game worn duds.


– Alain Vigneault has his (many) critics, but he is indisputably the best damn coach this team has ever had, and has had more sustained success than any other boss in team history.


Wins: Once considered a rarely seen phenomenon on the west coast since the Vancouver franchise’s birth, the team has now ascended to elite status in the NHL with five divisional titles in six seasons, two President’s trophies, and a Stanley Cup final appearance.

It’s not a championship yet admittedly, but it is much forward progress for a team that often struggled for respectability for three decades.


– Sirius XM Radio now carries the Canucks, so you can keep in touch with your team no matter where you are when you need to follow the games.


– Canucks Youtube videos provide the ability to access highlights at any time, including the Burrows Game 7 winner against Chicago, and such great song parodies as the

Canucks Lazy Song

Canucks Rule

and now the latest with the Canucks Gotye Playoff Song


Zack Kassian is the latest acquisition by the team, and with the right grooming he could be a power forward beast for years to come.


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