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Must Have Ice in the Veins

The blood is still boiling and the Canucks are playing like _________.

We expect a verdict to come down today from NHL Disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan for Duncan Keith’s head shot on Daniel Sedin Wednesday night.

How will Canucks fans react? More importantly, how will the Canucks react; and not only to the suspension, but to having no Daniel in the lineup for what could be a substantial period of time.

Personally, I’m on the optimistic side; more of a jaw injury than a major concussion and let’s hope he returns by Game 1 of Round 1.

Anyhow, below is a list of all the best (and worst; trust me) articles covering the Canucks in some sort of way from the last few days. Check it.

What are the FEVER-INDUCING NWSB staff saying?

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What are the LOCAL guys saying?


 Province Sports: Schneider Backstops Canucks to 2-1 Victory over Stars – It almost went awry when Kevin Bieksa took a last minute high sticking penalty but the Canucks held on for the 2 points in regulation. By Jim Jamieson

Vancouver Sun: Canucks Battle Past StarsMason Raymond showed up in a big and crucial way while Henrik Sedin looked impressive seemingly fired up with his brother out of the lineup for the foreseeable future. By Brad Ziemer

Province Sports: Hit on Daniel Sedin Becomes Political Issue in Local By-Elections – Local Politicians weigh in saying the hit was dirty and that they believe the NHL will make the right decision. Should politicians even bother getting into sports? Let us know. By Mike Raptis

Province Sports: Duncan Keith has Friday Phone Date with Brendan Shanahan – This means the suspension will not be over 5 games but tell us in the comments below how much you would give him. Via ESPN


Province Sports: Keith Hunted After Dirty Hit on Daniel Sedin – Perhaps this was why the Canucks lost the game; being pre-occupied by the culprit of a dirty play against their best player. Regardless, the team did the right thing in backing up one of their own. By Ed Willes

Pass it to Bulis: I Watched This Game ~ Canucks @ Hawks – Ease your brain with a semi-humourous look at the Canucks 2-1 loss to the Hawks. By Daniel Wagner

Province Sports: Loui Eriksson Propelling Stars back to Playoffs – It’s been a rough few years for the Stars not making the playoff but with the surging play of Eriksson, they are back to respectability. Oh yeah, they played the Canucks last night didnt they? By Tony Gallagher

The Birthing Whale says, "Hey Hawks, stick that in your blowhole and smoke it."

Vancouver Sun: Daniel Sedin Flew Home Thursday to be Re-Evaluated – His status is still unknown but it looks like a concussion and the Canucks management will be taking every precaution possible heading towards the playoffs. By Sun Staff

Pass it to Bulis: 11 More Proposed Rule Changes from GM Mike Gillis – These aren’t real but pretty funny. All trades with the Florida Panthers are illegal. By Harrison Mooney

Vancouver Sun: Canucks Complacent? Impatient? Incosistent? Depends Who You Ask Dan Hamhuis and Henrik Sedin have different explanations for the Canucks’ recent struggles. By Brad Ziemer

Province Sports: Canucks Sign Goalie Joe Cannata – He was the 173rd Overall Pick int he 6th Round of the 2009 Entry Draft and finally has a two year entry level deal with the Canucks. By Jim Jamieson

Nucks Misconduct: Morning Buzz ~ Canucks Show Battle in Defeat – A loss is a loss but the Canucks showed that they are once again, back on the right track. By Jordan Clarke

Canucks Army: An Elbow for An Elbow Will  Leave the Whole World Concussed – The saying coined by Mahatma Gandhi spun into the hockey world after Wednesday’s melee in Chicago. By Thomas Drance

Benched Whale: Luongo and Tokarski Have Something Very Much in Common – You’d have to be an eagle to catch it and someone did. Recycled pads? Returned pads? Who’s wearing Luongo’s pads? By Dani Toth

Canucks Hockey Blog: The Game According to Twitter – A collection of tweets from around Canucks Nation during the Hawks’ game Wednesday night. By Liz Moffat

Canucks Hockey Blog: Out of Town Notebook ~ Ken Dryden vs. Patrick Roy – Could legendary goaltender and current QMJHL Head Coach Patrick Roy be ready to take the reins in Montreal? Where does Ken Dryden fit in? By Tom Wakefield

Head to the Net: 3 Notes from Blackhawks Game – The key being Switch = Flipped. By HTTN Staff

What are the NATIONAL guys saying?

 The Globe and Mail: Stanley Cup or Bust for Alain Vigneault – The man behind the bench has had several kicks at the can with the Canucks and now; it’s do or die.  By David Ebner

The National Post: NHL Playoff Predictor ~ This Year, March is for Fighting – Fights are up this month and why should it stop when the playoffs start? Teams are more and more feisty each day. By Guy Spurrier

The Globe and Mail: Canucks Send Daniel Sedin Home – Daniel was sent back to VanCity Thursday and didn’t play last night in Dallas. How long he will remain out is yet to be seen. By Eric Duhatschek

What are the ENEMIES saying?

The Chicago Tribune: Even Against A Sedin, That’s a Suspension Duncan – This is your typical Chicago journalism smut demeaning the Canucks but I threw it in here so we can all laugh at its idiocy. It ends with this quote: “Friends don’t let friends act like Canucks.” By Steve Rosenbloom

The Plate of Spaghetti says, "Mamma Mia, Duncan Keith is an arse!"

**I would also link to Barry Rozner’s crap, but his newspaper, the Daily Herald, charges you 20 dollars per month to read among other’s, Rozner’s stuff on the Daily Herald Website. Trust me, you aren’t missing much besides Rozner accusing Vigneault of putting an NFL like bounty on Keith’s head.**

Dallas-Fort Worth News: Jamie Benn Believes He’s a Marked Man after Doan Hit – As an offensive threat, Benn feels he could be roughed up more in the final 9 games of the regular season. By Gerry Fraley

The Star-Telegram: Gameday ~ Canucks vs. Stars – The Star’s preview of Thursday night’s matchup against Vancouver. Check in the POST-GAME section above (waaaay up) for all your post-game Canucks vs. Dallas needs. By Star Staff

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  • Politicians commenting on the Canucks is the most base form of pandering and it reeks of what it is.

    In two weeks, we’ll see Christy Clark on the front page of the Province in a Canucks jersey and it’ll be the only time she’ll take a stance on something.

    The ugliness of pragmatism. 

    • and to believe that at one time I wanted to be a politician 

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