Vancouver Canucks vs. Calgary Flames Blog: Love em & Hate em

Too Easy

It’s a good thing the conclusion of Ottawa/Boston didn’t run any longer last night, or the eventual joining in progress of the Vancouver Canucks at the Flames would have stretched the definition of a game in “progress”.


The turning point of this game can probably be traced back to the opening face-off.

Could be a long season in Calgary.

Love Em

1. The Canucks continued their dominant run against the Flames. Last night’s win was their 5th straight at the Saddledome, part of a 9-0-2 run against the Flames. It gets uglier.

Kiprusoff’s save percentage against the Canucks since 08-09? .864. Daniel Sedin‘s career goals against the keeper? 23.

Canucks and Flames games used to be some of the most competitive and spirited matches of the season but now resemble an episode of Itchy & Scratchy.

2. After a fantastic performance against Washington, Alex Edler was all over the scoresheet again tonight with a goal and two assists.

The lanky Swede now has 11 points in his last six games.

He scored, he hit, he spilled. Christian who?

3. He scored on a beautiful feed from Maxim Lapierre in the second and probably wasn’t a stretch to say Cody Hodgson was one of the best Canucks forwards last night.

He’s keeping up on a line with Kesler and Booth and looking comfortable in his transition to wing. Now that his injuries are finally behind him its exciting to remember just how good the former CHL player of the year could be.

Canucks Sexy Fans

Canucks vs. Flames: Love em & Hate em

Hate Em

1. Between the Bronx cheers, the Sutter faces, and the general lack of effort, it could be a long long year in Calgary.

Iginla especially looks like a ghost and the club should seriously start to look into whether keeping Iginla a career Flame is worth stalling what looks like to be an inevitable rebuild.

Rene Bourque’s holding penalty in the first highlighted the fact that the Flames are a team still seemingly stuck in the clutch-and-grab era of hockey and don’t have the horses to compete with speed and skill.

So I speak on behalf of all Canucks fans when I say you’re doing a great job Feaster.

Don’t change a thing.

2. It’s a quibble on a game like this, but the last minute Flames goal to torpedo Luongo’s shutout was a callback to last year when the Canucks managed to execute the same scenario half a dozen times as well. Fantasy hockey aside, the goals had no bearing on the final outcome of their games but is it too much to ask for the Canucks to bear down until the final whistle?

At the least, Tanguay’s goal did produce this.

3. Finally, I hate to ruin everyone’s good feeling after a game like that, but I should warn you the Canucks next game is against the Wild.

Seeing as how there has never been an exciting game of Wild hockey since the franchise sprung from Jacques Lemaire’s loins, I would advise you to begin now whatever traditions and rituals you partake in to endure these contests.

Remember, Canucks fans we are brothers and sisters and we are in this together.  

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