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A Slow Burn

It’s hard to find much fault with the Vancouver Canucks these days, which is obviously fantastic news with the post-season a week and a half away.

The team has flipped the switch that so many thought would be impossible to achieve and more amazingly took over first place in the Western Conference last night thanks to Columbus somehow beating St Louis.

Getting excited about the playoffs yet?

To tide you over, here’s my Love Em/Hate Em for the Flames vs. Canucks on Saturday night.

Love ‘Em

1. Happy Lappy

Maxim Lapierre followed up his three point effort against Dallas with the opening goal against the Flames as apparently the answer to replacing Daniel Sedin is with another Alex Burrows.

All indications are that Daniel should be ready in time for game one in a week and a a half, but should anything happen it looks like Lapierre has it covered.

After all, he did have some big goals last year.

2. Andrew Ebbett Will Save Us All

And who steps up in overtime but Andrew Ebbett, fresh off his collarbone injury and ready to remind everyone that he’s still a Canuck.

This overtime goal looked very similar to this other overtime goal Ebbett scored back in late December. Deflect the point shot, win the game. Easy peasey.

Welcome back Andrew Ebbett.

3. The Gragster

When Mike Cammalleri got an early third period goal to put the Flames up 2-1 after the Canucks had pressed throughout the second to find that go-ahead marker, it looked like the script wasn’t written for the Canucks in this game.

Luckily, Marc-Andre Gragnani has about as much respect for scripts as he does for traditional defensive duties and the roamer stepped up and tied the game with his first career goal for the Vancouver Canucks.

Remember, this is a kid who had seven points in seven games during the opening round last year.

He’s intriguing.

Flames vs. Canucks

When we win YOU win! Flames vs. Canucks Love 'em & Hate 'em

Hate ‘Em

1. Wait We Gotta Do This Again?

Ok cool, one last game against the Flames at home. The Canucks beat them, officially mathematically eliminated them, now we never have to see them again because let’s face it the Flames are so boring these days that it’s hard to even muster hate for them.

Wait, they play them again on Thursday? In Calgary?

That’ll be cool I guess…..

2. Holy Jokinen

When Jannik Hansen was sprung on a shorthanded breakaway early in the second period I don’t think a single person was thinking it would directly lead to a Calgary goal.

Yet, amazingly Mark Giordano shut him down preventing him from getting an attempt off at the net and when Hansen regained possession in the corner, he threw it up-ice only to spring Jarome Iginla, Olli Jokinen, and Curtis Glencross on a 3-on-2. Iginla set up Jokinen for the one-timer and all of a sudden it was a tie game.

So I guess Jokinen had a Big Mac before the game again.


On a night when he wasn’t even playing, Cory Schneider still managed to steal the spotlight from Roberto Luongo and get a mention in the Hate Em trio for the simple fact that I hate he’ll be leaving my life.

Schneider was a guest on After Hours where he topped his previous Jannik Hansen impression with his Alain Vigneault and Alex Burrows, talked for a bit about Ginger rights (Don’t call him Ginger, pick another spice!), and wore a suit that would make Kevin Weekes jealous.

I’m gonna miss you Ginger Br — uh, Schneiderman.

Epic tweet by Our managing Editor “Q” during After hours.


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  •  Consummate teammate, backup goaltender AND comedian, Cory Schneider will be missed. All this talk of a playoff platoon system in the crease come playoff time scares and intrigues me, though.

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