Five Reasons the Canucks Are the Most Hated Team in the NHL

It’s OK to Dislike Vancouver

The Broad Street Bullies era Philadelphia Flyers, the Kocur/Probert reign of the Detroit Red Wings, and the Toronto Maple Leafs at any time. Now those were teams for whom you could get your hate on.


For long time supporters of the Vancouver Canucks it seemed incomprehensible that one of their squads could be vilified to the same degree as those other teams.

However, in the past couple of years, the Vancouver Canucks seem to have developed a legion of haters out of proportion to their history.

During their extended playoff run, the media and internet were inundated with stories and postings of how if the Canucks were to win the big prize, it would have gone to the most undeserving candidate in recent memory.

Unfortunately that did not transpire, much to our collective sadness here.

So, where does all this vitriol spring from?

Now most obviously success breeds contempt. It is easy to detest a team that is always beating you, and the Canucks have been doing that very thing on a regular basis to most of the league for the past couple of seasons.

Hate The Canucks

It's Ok To Dislike Vancouver

Vancouver also has a rabid support that fuels one of the most financially successful sports teams among the various leagues. But, outside of that there wouldn’t appear to be a great deal of reason to be venting over the west coast’s finest.

The Canucks do not have a particularly long history of conflicts with other NHL entities.

However, if we scratch the surface a little deeper then we can unearth a few reasons why the Canucks’ recently developed villainous reputation may be more warranted (or at least somewhat understood).

1. Incessant Whining

As the only NHL team that ever takes to complaining about calls and non-calls, the Vancouver Canucks have clearly separated themselves from the pack.

2. Unfair Advantages

The Canucks have circumvented the league’s guidelines on unlicensed in-game communication by allowing the use of the Sedin twins very own brand of on ice ESP.

3. Maxim ‘Lappy’ Lapierre

As if carrying Alex Burrows wasn’t enough, the Canucks had to go and double their quota of irritating, finger pointing French-Canadian pests.

4. Unwanted Pumping of Other Tires

By endorsing another goalie without receiving the same in turn, the Canucks Roberto Luongo exposed the ridiculousness of sports clichés.

5. Unnecessary Nudity

Kesler frustrates other players enough with his gritty play, but it doesn’t help matters that besides baring his soul on the ice, he bares other things off it.

Ryan Kesler

Come on Canucks Nation. You know they hate us for our Kesler pose. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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  • Anonymous

    “French-Canadian pests”. Hmmm. What if you wrote “African-Canadian pests” or “Indo-Canadian pests”? You, sir, are a racist.

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